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  1. The control arm attaches to the crossmember on one end and the balljoint and tie rod on the wheel end ... thx fa Ft. Axel & Susp..pdf
  2. Drivers side Control arm - transverse link needed for "83" zxt if anyone has body pts for sale or knows where to find them ... THX; Joel
  3. Just came accross your post... did you ever get your lights fixed ...?
  4. where did you get your threaded sleves and what shocks are you useing ...? THX, Joel
  5. Can I grind out the webbing between the intake runners on my 83 turbo or are they needed for support or do the help to cool the intake charge ...? TIA, Joel
  6. Does he adjust the tps according to the 240sx manual since he has the 240 throttle body ...? 280t
  7. Considering doing z31 ecu -maf swap on my 280zxt, but after reading the posts I wasn't sure if I need a turbo MAF or if all z31 Maf's are the same ...? THX for any INfo ... Joel
  8. That rear hatch is heavy ... dose someone make a plexiglass replacement for it ... ? Joel
  9. I would not recommend a fiberglass front bumper ... 1st parking barrier / curb you hit ... its history ... go polyurethaine ... I dont think there is much out there, hoods, fenders, etc. for the 280's ... Joel
  10. My driving lights are slow to come on and the drivers side is dim even with a new bulb ... no problem with the parking lights ... I think the switch is bad, but I,m not sure ... Is there a fix ...? any ideas or suggestions ...? TIA; Zbeechbum
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