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  1. Who do you all feel makes the best aftermarket block 1st gen it will be boosted thinking of a sbc (larger cubes 400 block) looking to do this right the first time. I toyed with building a factory block but after alot of looking the factory even 4 bolts are no comparison to a aftermarket block
  2. talking around that strip is mainly there for side impact reasons and also to mount the old seat. anyone know if this is true?
  3. do you have pics? mounting it would be no big deal at all just trying to get it closer to the dash more then anything
  4. I am trying to see what others have done about the steering shafts in there cars. I would like to shorten my steering shaft or replace it with another that will move the wheel alot closer to the dash so I can put a steering wheel quick disconnect on it. I would also like more avalibility for wheel options. If there is a link then I am truely sorry I did search but I couldnt find anything. Also pictures would be awsome Thanks again
  5. couldnt your just take flat metal strips across it on the top and a peice of angle iron on the underside?
  6. I have a wide body kit I would sell It needs some glass work and has some "mounting holes" drilled in it. the front fenders are in perfect shape
  7. I hope the best for both of you From what I have seen your a great guy and He is in good hands but he may also be in a transition phase and may want to go back. dont try to be to much of a friend and make sure you stand your ground with the whole thing. If its ment to be it will be. Keep us posted
  8. wheres my best source connection for injectors according to http://www.z31.com/software/injector.pl I need approx 65lb hr injectors 1st gen sbc turboed I dont know if that will change it either
  9. he just replied heres the pic he sent me this is all he could get pictures of
  10. I have acess to some what would it help to measure? Also what have other people done?
  11. I am trying to find (with no sucess) the output (cold side) flange for my borw warner s-400 any sugestions on where to get one?
  12. Im not a huge car guy but did you clearance anything or just slap it together?
  13. My question isnt how to deal with women flowers and foot rubs fix just about everything my question is how do they deal with me lmfao
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