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  1. Late Update: The fuel surge tank has been working really well even at less than half-tank fuel levels. I am noticing a very small fuel leak at the -8an union from the surge tank to the walbro fuel pump. Probably should have left that as a flexible hose fitting/joint. But other than that the system is working extremely well and is really quiet. Also, If I were to do it again, I would go with the fuel command center from FitTech. Good deal for the price, you get all the fittings you need and everything is in one neat package. I seen it in a summit racing add a couple of days after I installed the surge tank.
  2. Went with a surge tank! The parts came in today and worked on what I could after work. Should be back up tomorrow
  3. 240zdan, I like your set up. There does seem like a lot of room with that spare tire wheel well gone. Is a surge tank required for a lift pump --> walbro pump system?
  4. Sounds like a good way to get fuel to the walbro.. Did you have the low pressure fuel pump part # or Maybe pics of the set up?
  5. Thank you for the replies! It's a fram G3 filter. When I first got the pump, It seemed like others were using the fram G3 as a prefilter so I put it on. Right now Im running a 1/2" hose from the tank to a 3/8" hose to the fram G3 filter to a -6an 180 deg. into the pump inlet. @jacky, I'm not familiar with fuel surge tanks and how to set them up so I . I just ordered another walbro pump and some -8an fittings for inlet to the pump. Any suggestions on a good prefilter to run? Thanks again!
  6. Hello all, I recently did an l28et swap in my 1975 280z. It is stock aside from an msa downpipe, megasquirt, aeromotive fpr, and a walbro 255 fuel pump. I got everything running but my fuel pump is extremely loud and according to my fuel press. gauge it surges from 40 to 20 psi at idle once it heats up. When I drive it, (which i shouldn't) fuel pressure gets down to 0 until i let up and comes back to 40psi. Now this is on maybe 4 gal. of gas. See Vid: https://youtu.be/papZzY5_VRY I'm just wondering if I should get a new pump or if should reconfigure my fuel pump inlet from the tank. (maybe more gas!! ) Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!
  7. I put mine in the J-pipe before the u- turn into the throttle body.
  8. The day was perfect for pictures. She's living the hard parked life at the momment The Z's Guard dog
  9. Went to the Drag strip last month. It was my frist drag event ever. It was $5 Fridays at Top Gun Raceway in Nevada. The Chevette was confirmed for slow, she ran in the low 17's all night. I still need to tune my carb, change my plugs and work on my launch. But hey, I had a blast!
  10. This Pic Hurts. I took it so I finish sorting it out.
  11. Looks like Chris has some good taste. Good Z shots are shown from 0:06 to 0:21 Anyone have spec or a build page? It would be cool to see what he's got in it.
  12. Got some new wheels. I still have the monza rims that came with it, but these came with brand new tires. The seller was telling me about how the v6 had something on it before he bought it and he said that he would contact the original builder to get a pic. He delivered. Anyone know what kit this is?
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