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  1. Hey Chris, I am very interested in getting several parts powdercoated. Please get back to me as your message box is full.

  2. Just hope your coolant isn't acting like a bong and filtering lost compression through the head gasket into the coolant passage. If it's like baby poop, it could be the oil and gas blowby. When you shut the motor off is there a gurgling sound from the radiator area? Just a guess... Good luck.
  3. Thanks for the offer. $100 is a good deal. Since I can coat them myself it will save me money for other things. My stuff pretty much doesn't chip as long as you don't use an impact wrench. I have powdercoated over 20 sets of lugnuts for cars and they still look good. I blast a lot of stuff for cadmium plating for Bad Dog and it looks good, but I am not looking for an original OEM look. My bolts are candy blue. When I do a full restoration on a car I will take my time and do everything. The car is in good shape and I don't want a show car. I plan on driving it hard and at NHIS with club members. This is the car. The white one. If you need anything ceramic coated let me know, Z cars get discounts. 8) You can see more here... www.srpowdercoating.com Thanks Chris
  4. I saw that bolt kit, it looks nice. I am blasting and powder coating every bolt when I remove them, they are coated to the threads and then I am never seizing the threads. I should be good for a very long time, it will stop the bolts from bleeding rust (and save me $500).
  5. It is ceramic coating from Techline. It is a 2 part coating. You have to bake the manifold for over an hour at 450 before you coat it to burn off all residodo or you will have adhesion problems. This is not out of a spray can.
  6. Thanks for the input. I have a few different candy blues and think I will go that route, with the lollipop purple. I did it for me but also to show potential customers and didn't want to see them step back before they step forward. I'll do a valve cover in lollipop blue and use that. I do like all the candies but it is hard because they don't match much on cars. This car is also my summer driver so it gets lots of miles, though not sure about this summer. I have a 67 Datsun Pick-up, maybe that will become a candy pick up. 8) Cockerstar: pm'd Pete: Hell'ya at some point I'd love to have one on display at the shop, I'll tell kids it a Datsun Z Transformer and thanks again.
  7. This motor is going in my 240zt. I got it as a longblock with lower end checked and head rebuilt p90a hyd. I have had some pieces around the shop coated for display and threw them on, JSK fuel rail w/gauge, 450cc dsm injectors, the intake is ported, shaved and coated for a 240sx throttle body, the exhaust manifold I did in 1600 degree blue ceramic. Have megasquirt 2 and EDIS going on it ( Z-Ya is helping on that), got Dereks dist. block off coming and gonna coat that in a candy also and a powerforce damper coming. Obviously there is no particular theme, I have been doing it mostly in candies ( I like them ). Some people think the valve cover is overkill and should be one color. Suggested valve color is lollipop blue like the front of the valve cover in the photo. What color valve cover should I do? Or would you suggest? The car is pearl white and graphite on the outside. Thanks Chris
  8. Those GTU rims are nice, look like the ones I have all blasted at my shop, how did the valve cover not make it up? Picka color, any color.
  9. It would be easier to strip the whole thing, coat the middle and polish the outer part.
  10. http://baddogparts.com/ click on products
  11. Good luck. Ceramic shatters very easily and doesn't like to be imbalanced. We were tuning a Miata with a RB26 ceramic turbo and at 7500 rpm it shot itself into the muffler. Had the 2 turbo's from the motor and the other showed problem signs also.
  12. Good luck with whatever you decide. You can get a Midnight Blue in powder to match your car also.
  13. Check out the orange car that Z-Ya just redid. All his chrome pieces were blasted and powdercoated satin black. Along with the motor pieces. The pics are from a ZCCNE.ORG event. http://picasaweb.google.com/alex.straffin/ClayNissanZCCNEZCarShow6610#
  14. I should be all set. I bartered some powdercoating and Z-Ya is helping me with the EDIS and megasquirt. Thanks Chris
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