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  1. Stay away from the Canadian motor shops. As far as I can tell, there are only 2 companies selling engines up there anyways. There is Osaka and a company with multiple aliases that sells engines from Osaka. I got a cut harness, had to pay extra for the MAF, and had missing components. The MAF they sent me was even shorted internally and fried my ECM!!! They offered absolutely no resolution to my problems, only telling me they didn't sell the parts I needed. I can only count my blessings that the engine and trans were in good condition. SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY TO HAND-PICK YOUR ENGINE
  2. Nice, Pat! I might have you make another pan for me one of these days. You've come a long ways since you built mine. It serves its purpose quite well, but dang those new ones are perrrtty!!!
  3. It's fun right now, but it should be around 10psi, not 6psi...
  4. I don't really like the idea of a manual boost controller and a proper electronic one is kinda pricey. I would be happy with running the RB as designed. Its my daily driver and already has enough power
  5. LOL, about 4psi more than I'm currently running...
  6. After over a year, I'm still on the hunt for the factory boost control components (pressure sensor & control solenoid) that were missing from my swap. I've called around and basically nobody wants to sell the parts separate from the motor. My goal is only to run stock boost. Any help is appreciated...
  7. I would not be surprised if the Z32 TPS fit right up. They seem to have a lot of parts in common. Good luck on the new project!
  8. I think mine ended up around 22" as well. The stock driveshaft splined right into the RB20 trans, so it was a pretty basic cut and balance...
  9. I changed out the filter and no more problems so far. It is supposed to be really hot later next week, so we'll see how it goes. The filter was a lot dirtier than it looked sitting underneath the car...
  10. The problem reproduced itself today. 105 deg ambient, 3219ft elev, est 130 deg fuel temp. The fuel was indeed boiling inside the G3 filter. I replaced the filter with a gutted Bic pen and drove home without any further problems. Off to wally world for a new filter after dinner...
  11. I'm thinking about something like this:http://www.summitracing.com/parts/FLX-4136/ . I definitely need to get this sorted out before it starts getting really hot out here, or the car will be undrivable in the afternoon...
  12. It didn't stay hot long enough to recreate the problem. The weather changed suddenly to torrential downpour and the temp dropped ...
  13. It's 105deg out right now. I'll go for a drive and see if I can't recreate the problem. I'm also at 2300ish ft, which probably isn't helping either...
  14. KOEO, it reads about -5A during prime. Engine running, it normally reads +10A. Shortly before I start having problems, it will go as far as +30A. Everything is running off the battery except for the headlights...
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