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  1. Turned out great imo, they look awesome! -Pat
  2. Glad to hear you worked out some bugs and got it on the road! That sucks you had to roll the fenders but good your tires don't rub. I remember one day your fender peeled off some rubber like an onion. I'm sure I will end up rolling mine in time at least in the rear to go bigger than 245's. I haven't messed with MS in awhile, that is strange that your getting resets right at a certain rpm though.. You figure out anything with this? -Pat
  3. That sucks you don't have your car with you. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't look at mine everyday. How you liking jersey so far? -Pat
  4. What he said, I wanna see a link to pics.
  5. Looks like a good start, I love that color blue! There is a pretty big Z club over in Dallas im not sure when they meet but some of the members might have some more insight for you on your LSx swap. -Pat
  6. Keep up the good work, you have given me lots of incentive to rebuild my Z! That Chimay is some good stuff I like the blue bottle the best -Pat
  7. After the quotes I got I found a U-haul place that was still open and just got a car trasport for 55 dollars and towed it myself. My truck hit 300k in doing so it was meant to be I think. Thanks for the replies! -Pat
  8. I need a tow in the Richland hills area anyone know someone cheap? I had a blowout in my Z and my car is about 1 mile from my house. I will sleep in it before I let it sit there overnight. I tried using another wheel off my 240sx and a spare but there is a wheel spacer on it that im guessing is 100x4 instead of 114x4 cause neither of them line up right. Its getting late and I figured I might as well get it towed home before it gets dark.. -Pat
  9. Picked this S13 up here locally and I am loving it so far. Its all original and unmolested with 160k. Has complete uncracked dash and cold a/c. I wasn't going to get it but the guy gave me a hell of a deal on it and I couldn't pass it up. Its an SE and has power everything that works. Im also pretty sure it has an lsd rear end in it but I need to confirm. First thing I want to do is get some wheels and tires. Its gonna be a DD so I am not going to change much, the suspension and brakes are awesome. Now I just need to sell my series one 240z so I am not broke. Don't worry I still have my 73 240zt so im not leaving just switching it up a bit -Pat
  10. So far I have called 2 places over in arlington and went to 3 places around my house close. Everyone I call they say they don't want to mess with it cause its a turbo car. I have a full mandrel setup that just needs to be welded together and then I have an apexi straight through exhaust to use. One place I went to said they could do it but were not convincing at all when they didn't even know what a mandrel bend was. I just wanna get this exhaust on the car so I can continue tuning and its not so damn loud! I have a custom 3" mandrel downpipe with a 2' piece of stainless bolted to the flange right now. -Pat
  11. Both look like fully custom grills to me. I am fairly certain they are not production grills available for purchase. Im sure if you took that pic to a machine shop they could probably fab you up something close. -Pat
  12. That car is clean as hell I would totally do it! -Pat
  13. MrCleburn

    73 240zt

  14. I actually went to jdm engine corp today over in Richardson. I saw a nissan maxima on fire on the way there, poor car must of had a terrible owner. They didn't have any rb26's in stock he said. They had a rb25 with trans and everything that I looked at for 1900. Told me it was a series 2 and woman at front told me it was a series 1, so like you said dwarlick they don't really know. It was an r33 series 2 rb25det. Supposedly there getting a shipment around the first of april so I will go check out what they have then. I plan on taking my time and waiting for the one I feel is right. He also told me that he will bundle an rb25det trans with an rb26dett motorset. I didn't ask a price but ill worry about that when he actually gets something for me to look at. -Pat
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