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  1. Mark, thank you so much for the straight forward and understandable explanation. Its great to find out that we can use the stock 240z tacho as easily as this. Yes, I did wire my car myself and I added a few bits into Chris Rummells wiring thread as I did it. I can see this tacho thread being very popular in the future though as all of this has been missing from the forum until now. Just a couple of questions that im curious about and that you might be able to shed some light on:- 1 - The 240z uses a single coil whereas the GTR uses 6 coil packs. Is the rev counter still likely to be accurate with the GTR coilpacks? 2 - I have just discovered an old 260z tacho (amongst my hoard of parts) like the one featured in your first explanation at the start of this thread. Is using this likely to result in more accurate readings? Cheers
  2. I mounted a GTR fuel pump in a 260z tank. Here is the info about it:- http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/67475-gtr-in-tank-pump-mounted-in-260z-baffled-tank-fitted-to-240z-how-to-pics/ I have little experience with the RB20 so all I can say is that this may be of some help.
  3. Thanks to all who are contributing to this thread - i am amazed that after all these years we have finally got a thread on this subject where progress is being made by someone who understands both electronics and motors. My question relates to the tach that many of us will have and that is the plain old induction tach as fitted to the 240Z. I am like the rest of us in that I really want to retain the stock gauges. At the moment I am using a RB26DETT tacho mounted in a 240z tacho pod but this has left me without my turn signal lights which are mounted within the face of the stock gauge. What I actually want to do is run the stock gauge. I found this great item but need something more directly related to the 240z tacho as I don't understand many of the terms http://www.dinoplex.org/tachoconversion/ Does anyone know of any other way to run a 240z induction tach with an RB26DETT motor setup? or could anyone spell the stuff in the above link out for me as in exactly how I would connect this to a 240z tacho and an RB26DETT? With thanks in anticipation.
  4. Hi John, My pride & joy is a stock 73 model US car that I imported from California and that was manufactured during Nov 72. Thanks
  5. Out of personal interest - is there any consensus as to what the optimum settings for Tokiko Illuminas should be for an RB26 240z - front and rear???
  6. Following discussion of the lack of availability of this item in some previous threads that I have read, I thought that someone may find this of interest/need:- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/R33-GTR-Skyline-Dropping-Resistor_W0QQitemZ150430791366QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item23065fb6c6 The factory boost controller is also shown in the pic and may come with it? I'm sure these guys would post it overseas if you were to ask them.
  7. I have a wiring diagram for a 280z that I have attached - I hope it works as this is my first attachment under the new system. The tacho wire (LW) seems to go through a resistor to a wire (L) which links to both the coil and the transistor ignition unit and which also seems to carry on to connect to pin B1 of the ECU. Regards 78-280Z_wiring.pdf
  8. Hello RTZ, Please can you explain how the 78 280z tacho is different to other years? Regards
  9. So still no news on the 280z Tacho with an RB engine??? Feel free - it doesn't have to be an RB20 - any info on this topic would be very helpful. There are lots of posts about using a stock tacho but none, in my view, that deal with the subject fully. If someone has the info then I don't mind writing it up for the community? Oh yes and for you sarcastic lot (you know who you are) - p-lease, I have read all posts on this topic that the search engine throws up. Anyone with anything constructive?
  10. Hi, This post is amazing and I know that a number of people on the RB forum will be very interested to see this. I am presently trying to adapt a a 280z tacho to work on a Nissan Rb26DETT engine fitted to my 240z. From your great write-up it seems that this would be a Kickback controlled tacho. The RB engine uses a Coil on Plug (COP) ignition system. I am using an Apexi Power Controller ECU and this has an output for the tacho signal but will not drive the tacho directly. Have you any advice as to how I might get this to work? Thanks in anticipation
  11. Just stumbled across this post and it made my day - ha ha ha ha
  12. is looking forward to getting his car back from winter storage - will it start first time???

  13. Thanks Pete, I have created a street sleeper and have standard springs at present with Illumina adjustables. The idea of running a sway bar that locates on the diff is interesting and I will research this if I can't get the one that I have to fit round the new shafts. I just collected the shortened links today so I should be able to give them a try and have some news of my success or failure by next week. This is all trial and error though - we took an inch out of each link but I'm worried that its going to limit the suspension travel. Not long before I find out now!
  14. Thanks for all the responses and reassurance so far. I am worried about roll with power on round corners though. I drove the car both with and without the rear bar. It did seem to make a difference to squatting - I don't know why but the car seemed to go down to a lesser degree with the bar on. It also made a noticeable difference to roll on cornering. It might be personal preference but I think the bar helps with handling. Thanks for the advice - I will post the results of shortening the link soon. Cheers
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