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  1. I know a guy in TN that will fix it. Mine goes in when it gets cold. Mine sat for 10 years and the heater core is one of the items that needs changing.
  2. One of the workers at Autozone in Mboro on SE Broad drives a 240sx & says it runs on msq. I haven't had a chance to look. but he may be willing to help, perhaps for a fee or not.
  3. Spend another grand + shipping & buy one from out west. Everywhere you look, that car needs something done. It is only a good parts car to you if it has something you need. You don't have your project so you can't identify what you need. Only drive to pick it up if he's giving it to you & even at that, it may not be worth your time.
  4. Perhaps you will have good fortune. A friend of mine was having liver problems. His MD said that he'd "need a liver transplant if he didn't do something" but didn't have any suggestions about what that something might be. Amazingly, his liver started to function soon after he went to see a person who I call the Quack Doctor and began eating a strict raw food diet. I suggest exploring some alternative therapies while you're waiting.
  5. What's the point of increased oil pressure if you don't increase flow?
  6. I've dropped the pump on my 78 without draining the oil. A little messy but I was on gravel so cleanup was only scuffing the driveway.
  7. Verbiage: They're 1.5mm thread, as are the solid lifters. Hydro are 20 x 1.5 x 28 (total lifter length). Solid 18 x 1.5 x ~19mm. http://www.timesert.com The Timesert item number is 18153 (M18x1.5x18.3 INSERT) Time Fastener Co 5301 Longley Lane Reno, NV 89511 (775) 829-1026 Alex '77 280Z '68 2000 roadster
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