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  1. Could list mods? Turbo? ECU? Injectors? Diff?
  2. Too bad.. Just got back to the L28ET game after 14 years(HybridZ member since 2005) and was ready to pull trigger on MS2 from @softopz .. will still buy his kit, but need to find someone to assist with remote Tune..
  3. What heads would you recommend without going crazy on price? and keeping vortec style manifold if possible?
  4. I currentely have stock sbc 350 engine with Vortec heads upgraded for more lift and using XH262H cam,Holley 650 DP mechanical secundaries, headers, RPM performer manifold, MSD 6al,700r4 with 2800 stall etc.. car is running 'ok' but looking for more kick and decent times at track.. I plan on building 383 stroker and was wondering if anyone has experience with kit below and ortec heads.. Would new cam be recommended? http://www.ebay.com/itm/SBC-CHEVY-383-STROKER-KIT-SCAT-CRANK-RODS-040-FORGED-FLAT-TOP-PISTONS-2PC-RMS-/331231670752?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4d1ef231e0&vxp=mtr Thanks
  5. Ylo73z.. I will be selling my 4.11 diff in 1 or 2 weeks after changing to 3.54... Or trading for good condition fenders/hood .. Make me and offer.. I'm also in San Diego area
  6. Weekend Driver and track once every couple weeks/months .. I want to be able to drive on stree/freeway and take to track making decent times... Is it too much asking? lol
  7. By BEST i meant most recommended.. based on experice by fellow S30 V8 owners
  8. It is an 700R4.. 100% about it.. 4 speed 700r4.. And Trans is rebuilt with no issues - 2800 Stall Thank you.
  9. I have 225/55 15 - at 4.11 runs 70 mph at around 3300-3500. Will be swaping this weekend hopefuly. Will update with details after swap. Thank you.
  10. What would be best overall Differential gear ratio for 240z with SBC (350-400 HP) and 700r4 with 2800 Stall? Currently have R200 4:11 and gears are WAYY too short.. Looking for balance between launch/freeway RPMs.. Any suggestions? Would it bog down too much at launch with 3:54 (already have) ? Any input appreciated! Thank you,
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