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  1. Sounds good to me guess ill try a different approach thanks.
  2. No what? That's really not an answer to my question. Maybe my question isn't clear enough. Will the 240sx 5lugwould conversion work on my 280z if I use the brakes and calipers to?
  3. I'm looking for the front 5 lug conversion for my 77 280z there isn't much in the way of parts around my area for the swap. Unless i can find a sweet deal on some 4 lug rims. Also I'm looking for a set of fender flares and its a long shot but also a set of green St sway bars. And replacement struts. I currently have a set of custom offset diamond racing wheels that I use to Autocross with that ill be replacing there 15x8 if anybody needs them let me know.
  4. I haven't been able to find any information on what I would like to try and do. A buddy if mine has a 240sx with a front 5 lug conversion and want to revert back to 4 lug. So we found another 4 lug shell for sale. So my question is is it possible to use the 240sx 5 lug front spindle on my 77 280z? And I know the rotors are set up different so will the rotors and calipers from the sx work as well? Or would I need to try and graft the entire strut assembly from the sx to my z?
  5. also before you fire the engine pull the dizzy and re-prime the engine prior to firing for the first time. that way if anything is dry it gets lubed up before yopu crank on it.
  6. I've got a 77 280z and I'm in desperate need of some fender flares. I would like the blackbolt on style if anybody has them let me know what ya got. I've also got 2 hatches with good glass and defrosters and I've got a couple sets of metal headlight buckets if anybody wants to male me an offer.
  7. heres mine. i tried to get it under the hood but didnt quite make it. i plan on either a hood scoop styled after the boss 429 or maybe a cowl. im having a hard time deciding. any ideas???
  8. thats a hell of a nice job. who did your welding? i did my own but it didnt turn out as nice as yours. i finally found a set of long tube headers today so my exhaust will change, hopefully i can just cut off the bends and weld on collector ends so itll all bolt up.
  9. so ill attach a couple pics. there not real clear but gives you an idea.
  10. i have my alternator mounted low on the drivers side. i got the mount kit from summit
  11. im running a sbc in a 77 280. the motor mounts are holding up fine. my engine produces approximately 450 horse. if i could do it all over again id run a turbo or twin turbo setup. run dual into a single through two chamber pipes and a very quiet muffler all the way out the rear. at the base of the turbos on the bend id use 2 electric exhaust cutouts... so normal driving itd be quiet all fit under the hood and be an all around performer that goets decent mileage. but once you wanna get into it \open the cutouts and totally bypass the restrictive quiet(stock sounding) exhaust. but thats my opini
  12. Yeah ithougt that would be restrictive but the Shorty headers r more restrictive. I would like a long tube see hut can't find any
  13. i was just curious how all of you did your exhaust.. here are a few pictures of mine and the setup i came up with. i used an h-pipe from a 99 rc-51 vette(the early z06) and a pair of dynomax bullets. i pieced it together and tack welded it in place on the car and then pulled it down and welded it solid. the oil filter is a little tight but is removeable. i think in the future i will be doing a relocate kit for the filter. it exits right in front of the rear end and sounds beautiful however with the exhaust under the car it is rather loud inside.. as a racecar its bearable but on cruise nights
  14. i would also be willing to part with the shorties, which are ceramic coated. granted i find a set of long tubes
  15. does anybody know were i can find a set of hooker headers part number 2147hkr. they are a long tube header that fit a sbc. or if you guys know of another long tube set????? im currently running a set of shorties and they are very restrictive. i also attached a pic of the engine compartment...
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