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  1. Michaelp very cool swap!! who would think so much of the ford driveline would all bolt in the z31?! did you ever figure out the headers? I think the ford v8 is a great option in a z31, and boosted it would make waaaaaay more power, cheaper than the comparable vg30et. You have broken new ground and have my respect!!
  2. Skirkland1980- I used a pedal from a different car but you could just cut the top off the z pedal and weld on a different one. The torque converter thing refers to using a v6 converter behind a v8. Since v6s make less torque than a v8 the v6 converter will stall more when behind a v8. What do you mean cut the top off the z pedal? Like graft 2 pedals together or modify the stock one? What torque converters are the v6 4l60 guys running?I would like something close to a 3k stall. 1st for everyone w/the starter on the driver's side did you make custom battery, alt & starter cables? 2nd o
  3. i see, it might be easier to grab the pedal from the firebird then.
  4. I know this is the section pertaining to sbc v8s but im swapping a series II 3800/4l60e trans into a Datsun 280zx. I have the drivetrain bolted into the chassis but i have a few general & 4l60e trans related questions. 1st for everyone w/the starter on the driver's side did you make custom battery, alt & starter cables? 2nd on the transmission tail there is a connector w/purple & yellow wires coming from it that run the gamet of the harness, im guessing it the VSS, unfortunatly in my harness these wires are missing. Does anyone know how to hook this up? 3rd does anyone have expl
  5. I have extensive exposure to the lc2 or as its commonly known the grand nat & TTa motor. 1st they are great and make a ton of power with minimal mods invested. Next the lc2 3.8 has NOTHING in common w/the sbc and are very diff from the sy/ty 4.3. The lc2 3.8 comes w/a 200r4 auto trans the 4.3 has the 700r4 & 4l60. The 4.3 obviously make more stock power but the 3.8 are better for performance kin the higher numbers. In a z32 id go lt1, lsx and not the LC2. If you have to use a 3.8 id use the 3800 series II from a gtp.
  6. real cool swap cochise. What do you think of the vg30det?
  7. Id have to ask what year and series 6.0 your using? If its from the lsx series you might need an adapter to mate the t5 behind the lq4. Id look for an t56 or 4l60/4l80 from a later model car/truck. Good luck, cochise.
  8. funny cause when i mentioned putting lt1s in z31s over on z32performance they cried that no one would want it. yet here it is. keep up the great work, i think this is awesome.
  9. So here is an update: modified the stock oil pan to clear cross member, fabricated motor mounts that bolt in stock location on crossmember,(need to adjust the mount points). Currently in the process of fabricating my turbo manifolds and downpipe. Wasnt as easy as things could have been but I was able to re-use all the stock mounting points, especially the stock datsun trans mount.
  10. NewZed yeah thanks thats what i thought! Bludestiny Yeah I know thats what I was thinking about too since one of the guys in my crew is a decent fabricator. The Z31 parts would make life alot simpler but the late model turbo Zs are getting rarer and rarer to find in the yards.
  11. Sorry i been away guys, ive recently started school again. My friends Z has been put on the back burner, and yes I was referencing the front crossmember. Since it is now useless i will mock it up to my s130 or simply junk it.
  12. Well i opened the link and it is for the s30(240,60,80)cars but it did not mention anything about the 280zx? Do you know if this kit is interchangeable? your correct though it is out of my grass roots style price range.
  13. Okay I posted not to long ago about a car ive found in the upull it, its a s13 240sx with a KA24DE. I wanted to know if i can use the rear differential from it in my s130 chassis. I'm not very familiar with the new cars aside from that they have alot of suspension options.
  14. One if the guys in my Z crew has a z31, recently he had a moderate level fender bender and damaged his subframe. We went to the U-pull it to look at a few cars and he said one from a s13 looked identical. We pulled it and have it back at the shop, does anyone know for sure if the z31 and the s13 subframes are interchangeable?
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