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  1. Hi everyone, I have a 1973 240z that was in an accident and rather than repair it with steel the previous owner decided to take about the last foot off completely and go mad with some fiberglass and some odd lights. About all Ive been able to find as far as rear panels go is a couple of 260z 2+2 shells so I was wondering if anyone with a 240 or a 260 could measure across the full width as well as part measurements of the lighting/licence panels so I can see if a rear cut could be used. As the car has been played with a bit Im not worried about going back to original and just want some real steel holding the body together. From a couple of post that Ive found about difference between 240/260/280z there were comments saying that a 260z 2+2 body is wider, or that the middle of the bumper is wider to fit around the body. But there wasn't any concrete information/ measurements (or if the spacing of lights is still the same), and there was no panel measurements in FSM's that Ive seen. If someone can do some measurements/ photos, or has some information it would be a great help. Thanks for your time.
  2. Clive

    Body shell/ parts shipping

    jhm, Thank you for taking the time to reply, I will see id if they can help out.
  3. Hi everyone, I am interested in getting the rear body shell of a 240z off Craigslist/ Ebay or similar (preferably from the west coast) but it will need to be shipped from (insert town here) to LA to a shipping agent who can send it to New Zealand. My question is - does anyone know/ has used any transport firms or people that can ship the larger body frames/ panels, and can pick up from areas that are off the interstate. Thanks for your time. p.s. Im after everything body-wise from the spare tire well back (excluding suspension and driveline) so if you have or know of a body shell that can be parted out - prefer a wreck rather than take from one that could get back on the road - please drop me an email.
  4. Clive

    240z part out

    Hi, I'm interested in both the front turn signals and arm rests, but would you be prepared to send them to the west coast or New Zealand? Thanks
  5. Looking even better. Any chance of a 4 cylinder version?
  6. Sorry, have gone through all the pages and can only like it once a day it seems - needs far more! Great work and effort and keep doing what we can only imagine. Any chance of removing two cylinders to open it up to a larger public?