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  1. Beautiful car, great job and attention to details. What power window kit did you use? Brad
  2. Thanks, got it. My problem turned out to be a faulty fuse holder in the fuse box.
  3. My turn signals don't work on my '87 300Zx na, bulbs are good and 4 way hazards work. I have found the flasher for the 4 way but I can't find the flasher for the turn signals can anyone tell me where it is located? Thanks for your help. Brad
  4. I used a '88 Subaru Justy hatch seal from the jy. It closed without binding unlike the BD weatherstrppihg. Hose test didn't reveal any leaks. Brad
  5. Anyone care to share their speadsheet? I'm trying to come up with one with parts numbers for a '73 240. Brad
  6. Grumpyvette Thanks for the reply. I didn't check the recommended application. Just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing out on some secret long tube headers that fit our cars. Brad
  7. Grumpyvette Do the Hooker Headers 2224HKR you spected in the above build fit a first gen Z car with a sbc? Brad
  8. Will the GM module work on a stock '83 na zx. I tried it and it didn't start. I checked the wiring per the ink: http://dimequarterly.tierranet.com/a.../tech_hei.html Any ideas on what I did wrong.
  9. ZROSSA I have not been able to identify what the rotors actually came off of. But I have found a site which gives the dimensions of many rotors. It is http://www.dba.au. I'm now considering '97 Crown Victoria 11 1/2" or "98 Crown Victoria at 12.44" rotors. It looks like they would slip on the Z31 hubs and be pretty close to the right off set with some modification needed to the caliper monuting. Haven't been able to actually work on this yet though. Brad
  10. Now I'm confused about searching. The only search button I see is on the blue line between new post and quick links. I don't see the magnifying glass. I don't see search between member list and FAQ. I don't see a place to select "search all terms" even in the advanced search section. When I search for "toyota caliper part number" I get 5 results. What am I missing on how to use the search feature? Brad
  11. Put a T fitting at the filler neck and connect both. Brad
  12. Here is a link for white face gauges for the zx. I couldn't find it on the hybrid forum. http://www.edmontonzcarclub.com/ Brad
  13. I thought they were Mustang rotors and hubs because they were in a box that was for a '93 Mustang I had replaced rotors on several years ago (I never throw anything away). I rechecked the numbers on the box with the parts house. That's what I get for assuming. I have not been able to identify them as yet. They are 5 on 5 1/4. Not Ford, not Chevy not Chrysler. All I have to id them is the casting nubber which is BR 54 560. I haven't found a parts place that can id them from the casting number, so I guess this is a dead end. Brad
  14. LLave you said "If you are going to "reface" your gauges just be sure to use UV stable ink (paper too?) because your typical inks will quickly deteriorate in the sun" Are those available from Office Depot or where? Thanks, Brad
  15. Thanks for the heads up on the rotor identification. I'll have to research what they really are. Brad
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