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  1. Hello, I used the original plugs on the engine (injector plugs, cam, etc), we then used the loom that the haltech platinum 1000 series brought and meshed them together. If you have a good knowledge of stand alone computers then I would suggest you go for it. I have a buddy who has been working with haltech for quite a while now and he was the one who did all the splicing and merging. As far as the original ECU is involved I know Hoke from Hokeperformance.com used a donor car and used everything including the gas pedal and "BATS" system (or I think its called that, lol). Anyhow let me kno
  2. Hey Guys, Looking for a 3.90 long Nose Ring and Pinion. PM me for details. Thanks!!
  3. Good day, Im looking for a R200 long nose 4.11 ring and pinion. PM me for details. Thank you
  4. Its a stock motor with ITB's and a Haltech platinum 1000 series. it put down 279whp on a dynojet. We made a very safe tune for our first shakedown.
  5. Hey guys, A few pics of my finished VQZ in the track. More details to come.
  6. There is a write up somewhere in the forum that explains the process of the A18 ECU swap. Also check the classified area if you plan on doing the swap. There are a lot of members selling what you might need. Good luck
  7. Same thing happened to me. I bought mine from socal. Looked beautiful until i started to strip it down. Overall yours is looking good.
  8. Are these wheels discontinued??? Checked there website and nothing...
  9. I’m in process of buying all the necessary things to complete my VQ35 swap: NATS, ECU, EFI wiring harness, etc. I already own an SDS EMS on my current l28 setup. I was wondering if my current SDS would work instead of all the other components I already mentioned. Is anybody running a VQ with an SDS?? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Looking for round type headers for a l28. Please pm with prices. Thank you
  11. DevilZeto

    Sds & Edis 6????

    I know its an old post. But, is anyone making these brackets anymore ?
  12. Im planning on converting my 280z rear drums to calipers. Looking for rear caliper brackets. If calipers + brackets are available please PM. Thank you!
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