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  1. Hi, I have been admiring your vehicle. The youtube video ROCKS. It looks like you have put thought into it and gone through everything. Very clean, nice job!

  2. I'm selling my car. I have worked really fucckinng hard on the ride for the last five years. It bums me out to let her go...she has just about everything. Front and Rear Fully Adjustable Suspension. AZC four pistons all around. New ZX master. R200 mountings. Sway bars, Wheels 17x7 all. No butching the body for lame flares. Front and rear air dams, poly. Rear BRE spolier, fiberglass. Tint, trimmed, yet still classic Z appeal. The list goes on. For those of you who know me, or watched me, you know I busted my ASS on this car. My girlfriend calls it the HMB. "High Maintinence Bitch". I think it fits well....Anyways.... This car IS NOT A BASKET CASE! Runs and Drives VERY Smooth at high speed. And VERY Straight! The body is good and all repairs have been done to properly fix any rust. Nothing to hide here. Florida car. Very soild. There is a bubbling rust in the lower door skins. That is it. No other hidden rust games. None. Very easy to fix I have the th PPG codes. 1997 viper blue. New OEM hood from nissan. Perfect. Perfect early style bumpers. New oem tail lights. I know this car. PERIOD! My family has been the Z car buisness for 30 years making the headlight covers. I never abused it. Or raced it pretending to be Dale jr. Never really drove it! Just worked on it! The interior needs carept and to finished off. Big deal. Easy... compared to all the custom Aluminum Sub Chassis work I did so dont beat me up on it. This car is about the driver. 1998 T56 rebuilt spent thousands. Shifts perfect. Bob Weir Conversion. Alum flywheel. No games. Motor 1967 '327 4 bolt. Screams to 6500 easy. No leaks. Always ran for me. Hooker long tubes. Full true dual exhaust. Flowmasters. Pump gas. A sweetheart of an engine around 350 real world hp. Very depenable. Plenty fast. Very cool. Jetted. Grumpy Tweaked n' Tuned. MSD. Full AN fuel system mallory 6spi. All autometer. Wideband. Autopower 4 point bolt in. Alum sub frame fuel tub structure. 12 gal Street type summit steel can/poly fuel cell, but sized to be outfited with a 11 gal true fuel safe if desired. I could go on. Here is video I shot last year. The car is the same. As it is now. SEARCH _buZy on Hybridz. Read all my threads. Updates. The learning curve. Hey, it's real. Here is my gallery on Hybridz http://album.hybridz.org/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=10889 No price listing. For now I'm ONLY taking offers. So BE REAL. No Idiots. If I don't repond to you, just take the hint. THIS IS A GOOD CAR!
  3. Never had one for years. Then I tried a rear facing bar. It made a very noticable difference keeping the tracking straight at freeway speeds. I should add I am not running cv's.
  4. Wow! Scary indeed! Glad you are ok.
  5. Depends...You could give them the brake lights without actually engaging the brakes. If they panic, spin out and die they deserve it.
  6. http://www.altecproducts.com/products_hoodduct.htm
  7. They do come close to bottoming out, but it's not an issue. If your still concerned about it updating to adjustable arms may slightly increase clearance. We have sucessfully used Ross's arms increasing the track 1/4 per side, it's not much, but it's some. http://www.modern-motorsports.com/catalog/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=&products_id=68
  8. http://www.betamotorsports.com/products/products.php?cat=3
  9. It's a joke! Re: Welded Diff, What the hell!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hahahaha............yeah, it is a joke. Some of you guessed it. The joke continues over at the 460 forums too, where there is a link to here. They also think I'm a knucklehead LOL!! I originally found it on another forum, and decided to change it slightly and do one here. Here's where I found it. Welded Dif, What the hell!!! - Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board ______________________________________ 2003 Falcon BA XR8 Ute. 1972 Falcon XA GT. 1970 Galaxie 500 Sportsroof.
  10. LIME GREEN??? yUK! It will just end up looking like green M&M..... Your nice body work done in black will be fuckin' AWESOME!!! Serious class.
  11. Phil, Stay with Black. Smoooooth.
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