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  1. You can pick up fusible link wire at any parts house.
  2. I have the passenger and driver side valance in good shape I'd sell together. They'd be good for a good media blast, only surface rust in a couple areas. I'll sell them together for $30 plus shipping.
  3. i have a few extra i'd sell...pm me and we can figure it out.
  4. It's been reposted multiple times on craigslist. I've been tempted to go look but I don't need another z.
  5. Would you say it's too thick and I should get new material?
  6. Yeah, I'd agree but it's already done. The difference in weight is only about 4lbs per side.
  7. I'm in the process of creating a new subframe for my Z. I've been reading, reviewing, and studying all the z subframe installs I could find. My latest concern is where the front rails meet the firewall. I've seen some where the frame rail appears to be welded to the sheet metal with another piece spanning between the front frame and floor support right behind the tc bucket, and others where the subframe under the floor pans continue up the firewall and tie into the front rails. My concern now is the front rails are a lot more substantial than what they were. If I were in a straight on collisio
  8. my setup for fuel starvation, made the surge tank...i am using the same surge/pump setup in a dif chassis with a stock tank. i haven't run it but it should work well.
  9. i saw those when looking....i thought about taking a chance at $68...are they actually usable?
  10. i have a 97 4runner and the return line for the power steering is a bit mangled. i need to replace it...but the replacment piece is hard to find. it's the end that messed up, so i could easily cut it off...but that little hump holds the hose on. is there a way to recreate that bump so i don't have to replace the entire hard line? if i could i could just get a little longer rubber hose and reconnect. thanks
  11. i picked this up from another forum i'm on. what i gathered from other people was the guy rolled a viper, and needed a new body. http://www.zatzy.com/projekt/374743-mrspringer-saab-9-3-srt10-megapower-8.html
  12. hahaha...well i guess i'm goin canon....now torn between the t3i and the 60d.
  13. thanks all for the info. do we need a dslr?,,,prob not. we have a pretty nice olympus point and shoot...and my wife has taken thousands of pictures with it. but i have this obsession with bigger and better....same holds true on my z : ). she's pretty creative, and i figure with a nice camera she can take pics of the kids and have them printed and recoupe the price of the dslr after just a few sessions. i have dropped litterally thousands of dollars on pictures of our little ones. i haven't played with a whole lot of the new point and shoots but ours is just not fast enought to capture that smi
  14. it looks to be a nice kit...i don't know anything about the company. i will say, with a little leg work on your end...you could produce the same results for less money. intercooler for roughly $150, pipe another 80 or so...and then silicone couplers.
  15. my wife and i are debating between the canon t3i and the sony a55. both have great reviews..the sony has a few more features over the canon. i purchased the a55 for her but it was just a couple days ago so it can be returned. it seems to me i am getting caught up in a name...and the appeal of the many $$$ lenses, but the sony seems to have more than enough lenses to meet our amateur needs. i was wondering if anyone here could point out reasons why i should go with the canon over the sony or keep the sony. i get a bit lost in the tech jargon, i just want to make sure i'm not making a mistake b
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