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  1. Hey! You may have gotten this resolved by now, but we had a similar problem with my car (similar setup). In the window "Spark Settings" there is a setting for "Spark Output Inverted" I think the default is YES and that's what we thought was correct. BUT we could not get the thing to run after setting it up with ford 36-2 wheel and sensor and individual coils. We changed the Spark Output Inverted from YES to NO and that is what was wrong. So you might try that. Again for our Ford crank timing and individual coil setup we needed to set the Spark Output Inverted setting to NO. And it
  2. Hey Christopher, sorry I missed your message. I just sent you an email.
  3. I ran with option "D" for a long time and just put a filter on the catch can top. Just emptied the catch can once a year or so. Instead of the filter you can run that to the turbo intake if you want.
  4. I was just playing around plotting (estimated) L28 air flow on T04E compressor maps 50 trim - 46lb/min (up to 420hp) 54 trim - 44lb/min (up to 400hp) 57 trim - 50lb/min (up to 460hp) The Ebay turbo that I got doesn't seem to have any compressor maps available, I just figured one of these would be close to the 55 trim Ebay turbo.
  5. Hey everyone, so I did a thing. I just ordered one of these turbos on Ebay over the weekend when there was a 15% discount. So it was normally $118. The turbo is a knock-off / no-name /copy sold by "racingpartswarehouse". Delivery expected by Jan 8th, so I'm pretty sure it's shipping from the US. (CA according to Ebay) I've just got a stock 280ZXT turbo on my motor right now, so this will be a good upgrade and hopefully run a long time I'll make sure and report back once I get it and once I get it installed and running. Plan on running up to 15psi for now. I think that's
  6. Thanks for the help everyone. The operation was a success. If I think of it I'll try to compile a list of what tools I actually used. That would probably be pretty good to add to the first post here. To be honest, the basic 10, 12, 13 and 14 mm were the big ones. I used a 17mm deep well on the exhaust. but it didn't come loose. Used a pry bar quite a bit and a big adjustable wrench for AC lines and oil cooler. I did have an impact gun and that was really nice to zip some of the bolts out quickly. Hacksaw would have been good if I had more than 1 blade. Ended up using a sawzall. O
  7. Thanks! I've packed pretty much all my hand tools with doubles of most everything. Toolbox weighs at least 40lbs. Then I've got my Stanley tool set too. Didn't think about a hacksaw - I''ll grab one of those too. I don't have a small sledge, but I packed a hammer, rubber mallet and piece of wood, hopefully that will do. It's an auto transmission and I was really hoping just to pull the motor. Any suggestions on that?
  8. Sorry if this info is easy to find, I did a search and I know I have seen lists of "tools you'll need" before in DIYs and Walkthroughs but could not find one for this specific procedure. I'm going to Pull-A-Part tomorrow to pull an L28ET and I'd like to bring everything I need.So, what ALL tools will I likely need to easily and successfully pull a motor at Pull-A-Part?Thanks for any suggestions or if you have a link to this info somewhere. Even a DIY or Walkthrough for pulling an S30 motor or doing a motor swap. Hopefully I can do it in one trip without kicking myself for something I forgot.
  9. boardkid280z


    My 280Z pics and work and stuff
  10. A friend from the OKC Nissan/Datsun/Z club is selling this 240Z. It seems like a good project. If I bought it, I would fix every rust problem, paint it, and build it as if I would drive it for the rest of my life, probably transferring a lot of parts from my current car. My 280Z has quite a few rust problems and issues that I don't think it's worth doing all that work to. So, this is kind of what I've been thinking about. Anybody have any advice/comments?
  11. Well, that's good to know. Hah, I don't know enough about these diffs. I thought I had an R200 in the car, and I thought I was getting an R200 to put in. How do you identify the R180?
  12. I got the diff up in place, but it turns out the studs on the back are slightly closer together than on the S30 diff. (the new one is out of a truck) After looking at them, the rear covers are completely different too. So I'll just have to open up the mounting holes in the moustache bar a little bit.
  13. I'm about to replace my worn out diff with this used one. Just checking the noises and wanted to see what people think. First I'm turning the input shaft and it makes a clicking sound. Second I turn one of the output shafts and there is a little bit of a grinding sound. Third I turn the ring gear and again you can hear the clicking. So it seems like the ring gear and pinion gear click when they hit. Is that normal? And the spider gears sound like they grind a bit. Is this normal? This is an R200 open 4.36 out of a Nissan truck (I'm told). It is going in my 1978 Datsun 280Z
  14. I'm leaning heavily towards trying it out. Here's a video of the track, (only 1 of many configurations)
  15. I don't have any issues with traction right now, at least not in a straight line. And I'm only running 205s at the moment, stretched on 15x8s (not my choice, I just got a good deal on wheels and tires when I needed new tires). I don't launch hard and I don't shift hard, and even when I roll hard into the throttle, I don't have any trouble keeping traction. Tony, I'm not sure i know anyone with wheels and tires that small.
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