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  1. So my a/f ratio is a bit rich, and I want to be able to richen the mixture under boost, the old school apexi safc allows afr tuning for different rpm's. To leons' question, because I was told Nistune is garbage, and what I wanted to know was if the safc can even be used with the z31 setup, as I understand it, it is only meant for certain cars and im concerned the z31 may be too old, is that not correct?
  2. I am running the z31 ecu and MAF swap on my l28et, would like to get my afr's under control. I am considering running one of the old school apexi safc controllers for the MAF but not sure if it is even usable, any input would be appreciated.
  3. went today and it was gone!
  4. Hey guys I need an f54 short block for a rebuild. I would prefer a bare block but let me know what you have.
  5. Hey guys, yes I am getting very heavy backfires. The tps is getting checked today. As far as the walls getting flushed down I thought it was because of the oil smell out the exhaust but just discovered I sometime in the past week dropped a ringland or piston ring. There is scoring on cylinder wall of #1, which leads me to believe that the cylinder wall flush down may have contributed to the scoring. Compression test results showed 110 psi on cylinder #1 with the engine cold and 90 psi with the engine warm. All other cylinders check out at 150 psi. Newzed, my z31 system consists of 86 z31 turbo ecu, maf, cas, and optical wheel. tO4e turbo, front mount intercooler, stock injectors, rail, fpr and tps. My main concern is that if I am going to replace all the pistons and have the block honed, if the injectors are still firing on decel and causing washdown it will lead to bottom end problems again so I am trying to get this figured out before the rebuild.
  6. Hey guys, I have an 82 l28et that was swapped into my 77 280z. Also swapped in the z31 turbo ecu, maf, cas and distributor guts. The problem I am having is the injectors are firing on deceleration and flushing down the cylinder walls. I was hoping someone could help identify if this ecu is supposed to be doing that or something got wired wrong possibly?
  7. Hi guys, I am in the middle of swapping an l28et into my 280z and I am upgrading to the z31 ecu, maf and optical wheel, which are from an 85. The only thing I am still missing is the ecu. My question is, all the faqs on here say 84-86 ecu will work, but from what I understand the 86 injectors are different. Will an 86 ecu work and do they require resistor packs?
  8. Hey guys, I am looking for a z31 ecu, 84-85, possibly 86 if that will work, for my l28et swap, already have the MAF and crank angle sensor. Also looking for a stock RB25 BOV, if anyone has these parts or leads on them please met me know.
  9. Hey guys, I wasn't sure what section to post this in but I think it's a good topic that should be discussed, and that is the security of our cars. Living in Northern CA I am seeing S30's going missing all the time and I am asking you guys for suggestions on either A) a way to track a car if it gets stolen other than a lowjack or monthly service fee gps tracker, or a creative way to disable the car mechanically, like a hidden fuel pump switch/ignition switch, but something that more creative that a potential thief is not going to be looking for. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  10. Hey guys, I have an l28et swap lined up but it's from an auto car, need a 5 speed preferably from a non turbo zx, but a t5 will work as well, the only thing I don't really want is a 77-78 5 speed.
  11. Thanks Josh, I have one here I can get for $150 picked up, I was trying to find one a bit cheaper, thanks for replying though
  12. Hey guys, I am looking for an N47 head, preferably with good valves and valve guides. Please let me know what you have and how much you are asking.
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