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  1. My Bad guys for the late responses and not updating. Thanks, however by all means, the camber plate will still need some reinforcing. Just a little thin for my liking even though the thickness is like that stock. Right on! Thanks Since my last post, not much has been worked on. Been extremely busy with Work, though I probably shouldnt use that as an excuse. Just like saying, hey I dont have 30min to an hour each day for 3-4 days a week to exercise and workout. I did get the quarter panels cut out and welded in replacements. Some other small miscellaneous stuff
  2. Thanks OPTaiva Starting to get lazy with documenting things, hehe. Filled in any rusted holes and sanded down on these parts pictured below. Coated those parts I sandblasted for the seat belt mechanisms. Parts welded on. Gonna hold off on welding the tie in plates for the seat belt mechanism housing (not sure what their called) because I have plans to make some jack support braces later on. The rear jack stand points will be in this area somewhere. Havent planned it out yet in details but will. Besides the tie in plates dont fit that great for some reason, most likely since
  3. Glad your ok John. That had to be a scary and painful experience. Hope to see you back to work on the car.
  4. Great work here. No shame in feeling like your project is lagging. I feel like it with mine all the time. I should had been done with things long ago if it wasnt for my laziness. Loving your dimples, yours is actually more true/correct for automotive applications than the typical dimples you see, such as the ones in my thread. Supposed to dimple in, then flatten back out with a thin lip, as seen made by you. Thanks for taking pictures of the spare tire well removed. Now I know what to look for when I work on mine. Keep it going!
  5. Decided not to reuse the rear seat brackets, would of been to much trouble to try and salvage them. Not worth it to me, so I made my own and copied the design of the front brackets. The rear I made also kind of matches the original rear cross brace thats attached to both rear brackets. template made and fitted. Decided to cut off the length of the rear brackets here as pictured. Brackets loosely fitted in place to give you an idea of what they will look like. Close up side by side comparison of front and rear seat brackets. Ho
  6. Not a problem. When I am using MIG welding on sheet metal, I use the the wire and size wire as pictured below. For gas, I use Argon Carbon Dioxide mix, as pictured below. I usually have my gas flow set around 20. My MIG welder is a lower quality inexpensive one that wont allow for fine adjustment, but gets the job done. Id like to upgrade, but as of now there isnt a need. Depending on what gauge sheet metal I am welding, for instance if I am welding like my floor pans (the plug welds) 20g sheet metal to 16g sheet metal (floor frame), I had it set on dial 3 with wire speed
  7. Sandblasted some parts. Appears I will need to fill in some rusted holes shut. Finally got the floor pans in permanently, still have some miscellaneous holes to weld in shut though. Pictures showing clecos holding in the floor to the tunnel and frame. Tried my best to get the edges aligned and butted with little gaps. Some areas had some gaps, the driver side near the front end and rear end had the largest gaps but managed to get those welded fine without hardly any warpage. Tacked welded. Tack welds sand smooth.
  8. Small update: Sanded down the welds of the rear corner of the floor where the seat belt mechanisms are and the front lower fire wall. On the driver side had to replace a small section of metal. Still working on blending the metal together after welding and sanding. Just hard to do in the flat areas. Though I will admit, my fitment in some areas were not that great, had some big gaps. I really didnt spend much time in prep work, that is having good fitment before welding. Also doesnt help trying to weld in awkward positions. Dont care too much on the back side/underneath the car side
  9. 1 tuff Z and Kevbo82, thanks for the suggestions. After checking those places mentioned among others, decided to order from ebay, had the best prices, though for the boxes I had to order more, but price per box was still best price.
  10. How long do you have to wait on the LCA's? I think that magnet of yours could use a good cleaning, I still havent figured out a good way to clean mine. Just curious John, What are you using to get your welds so smooth?
  11. Dude that Rear diffuser is sexy. Awesome jig for the collector area of the headers. Are you able to weld everything with all the headers tacked like that?
  12. Thanks Kevbo82 Here is an update to the Interior rocker panels your waiting on. Refer to my vendor thread for more pictures of the process. I am finished with the panels, now just need to make the seat belt mounts and tie in plates. Will probably go to my local shipping supply store to see if they sell any boxes that will fit this, if not I will most likely have to order online which isnt a big deal, however I would hate for the other customer and you waiting too long due to waiting on packaging materials, though better for the parts to arrive safely with proper packaging than damaged.
  13. Thanks LLave and Grannyknot I can start posting more pictures of the tools im using. Some have already been posted. Been using my bead roller and sheet metal brake a lot. I actually did not think I would be doing this much repair work, just thought it would be your typical minor common repairs most people do on these cars. Probably should had bought another less rusty Z but im kind of glad I didnt because I have learned a lot working with sheet metal and in the end I enjoy it even though it can get fruatrating at times.
  14. Thanks John, your too kind, hehe. I wont be able to work on my car this week and weekend due to making some rockers for some people. Hopefully I can knock those out fairly quickly and get back on this project.
  15. A bit of an update, I will again describe first then just throw all the images at you like the last heavy loaded image updated post. Starting where I left off from my last post, I made the rear end tie in plate. Worked on the rear end corner, the flanges from the inner and outer wheel well metal was all cheesed out. Cut the rusted metal and replaced it like I did the driver side. Tacked and welded the both front and rear tie in plates for the rockers. Welded a plate on with a nut for the seat belt mounting onto the passenger side inner rocker panel. Got everything degreased and ready w
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