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  1. Been a busy past 2 weeks but made some progress today Chassis reconfiguration is now flush with the new rails Gearbox rear mount is next up
  2. Fancy you writing this on my build thread and then me spending the last hour at 4am catching up in yours “Fantastic project and work. Every aspect of your metalwork is so impressive. Honestly, it almost looks like you could have just built a new Z from scratch!” Seriously? You kidding me right? I mean my work looks like the construction on a sardine can compared to this Hercelian “Transformers” build......... Pfffffffffffft I am seriously going to raid some ideas 💡 I got from your thread and also outright steal others. Please don’t leave any more sarcastic comments on my thread LMAO 😆
  3. Thanks buddy but it gone the final step and now I’m truly over the hump 2BFE69E9-F883-4167-ABC1-E03B1ADF436D.MOV
  4. Tomorrow’s next adventure CAD design of the front tunnel section ;)- John
  5. Thanks Dave yeah it’s a journey as you well know, sometimes it’s well mapped out and others you literally trip over what you’re looking for if any of the info or ideas I post here helps another member out then I’ve done my duty how goes your pony Dave ?
  6. Sometimes you stand back and think, I could have done better, today was one of those days, so a bit more thought, polished up on my metal shaping and sliced and diced before playing geometry on a sheet of metal and then “HAND BENDING” the tunnel ! A priceless day having reached a mile stone. Cheers John
  7. Tunnel sections are still being mocked up so in the meanwhile focused my attention on fabricating the new seat rails. basically because I’m dealing with a flat pan the seat rsils sandwich that pan to the new rails and lock in to each rail i have 2 options, slice them so I can notch in the tunnel or leave them and later install a series of rivet nuts so I can add an aluminum plate enclosing the tail shaft once installed to create a totally flat pan i also received a new addition this week, integrated air and heating HVAC with full climate control, it’s about 25% smaller than the original Z set up so this is going to be aninteresting mod once the tunnels in place and I can mount the dash to work out the hanger points and fresh air feed Cheers John
  8. Today’s effort Both pans now in including the rear tunnel plate, this was all done as one assy so as to make everything uniform and kept square in the process. Next the tunnel will be formed then the pans and rear plate will be cut and trimmed to suit A lot of fine tuning to be done with small mods and fabrication around the pans, plate etc but all in all happiness that this major structural work is coming to an end Even had the first chance to place the AMG drivers seat in place and the smile was from ear to ear Cheers John
  9. Well progress is slow but steady Im certain these old Zeds were built using recycled Bud cans from the 1970's, any how all good Got the first pan trimmed in to the remaining floor sections with much slicing dicing and welding, the result? once prepped, sealed, coated and colored Im pretty sure it will look the goods, Only just managed to sit the trimmed 2nd pan in place before sun down. Until next week......
  10. Love it when a proof of concept works out as well as you imagined and planned it So first pan went in today on the passenger side and lined up nicely after I blended the reinforcement beads flat at each end to allow mating the pan to the forward and rear sheet metal. cheers  John
  11. Picked up the pans I had fabricated today Fun starts tomorrow
  12. That’s all she wrote for this long weekend Added some additional gussets at the horse shoe and sat the rare spares pan in just to get an idea how all will sit with the new pans on order and am satisfied all will line up exceptionally well
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