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  1. My son's name is Race Bannon , I got that by the wife , morphin drip and emergency c-section helped. It was that or Brock Sampson. I liked the ant and the ardvark. The boomarang channel is like going back in time. If your in the 30-40 range .
  2. Getting too pricey , George dickel #12 with a splash of water and your good to go. I think they make it more like scotch , good and cheap. Balvenie double wood barrel is really good, glenlivet 12 is good. I'm down to $20 a bottle stuff. Times are tuff.
  3. It might work,I had welded rear end in my 200sx datsun with a rotary . It had a push to it when going around corners. I didn't like the way the car handled with it. Could be different in your car.
  4. Damn, guess I 'm going to come off that wallet or come up with something else. I have tt z32 brakes up front , I was just thinking that the backs look like they may not be up to the task. The car is light 2200-2300 and I have a wilwood bias control. I will have to get it on the road and see what happens. Thanks for all the info.
  5. I must have early trailing arms ,because I was parting out a z31 turbo 88 and was looking if I could switch the vented brakes over,The only way it looked like it would work is to do the trailing arm swap. I put in the poly mounts on the arms I have with the camber adj. and really don't want to go through that again. I will figure something out.
  6. Yes,just track,auto-x ,to and from the track.
  7. I see all kinds of kits for 240-280z , no love for the 280zx?looking to make something that will work ,4 lug vented rotors. I have a set of tt z32 rear calipers there got to be a way to make them work.I don't need a e-brake .Any suggestion or info could help the cause. Thanks Dave.
  8. My car is at the body shop so I can't verify anything right now. The brake braket on the z31 rear that the calipers bolt to looked different , I took off the z31 calipers with the braket and it didn't bolt up . The only way I see it could work is with the whole trailing arm.I see the maxima braket used on 240z ,to use 85 maxima rotors and 280zx front calipers. Will this work on 280zx rear trailing arm suspension? I want to keep 4 lug , I have moroso studs , just easier. Just looking for a close as possiable bolt on.
  9. Mitch is been a big help to the vg30et community, he has a customer that has bought old gtp electromotive parts and he going to put some r&d into some custom parts ,oil pumps etc. I building road race 200sx and all info is a big help.let's see vg33 + racing around,do it......
  10. I have a 200sx datsun with a transplanted 280zx rear trailing arm suspension, I was looking at the same thing ,I parted out a z31 turbo 88' and was looking what bolted up.Without changing the entire suspension the calipers won't bolt up. I allready put in poly bushing and camber kit in the 280zx arms and don't want to go threw that again.Does the maxima 81-83 front braket and calipers with rotors bolt on the 280zx rear suspension? It is a race/street car and the e-brake isn't that important(live in florida ,pretty flat) I have the twin turbo front brakes with the 87-89 front struts and still f
  11. It is old I e-mail the guy and he said it was all gone. Somebody bought most of the parts and motors but there is a machine shop/motor builder that is working with the guy that bought some of the parts and is going to scan and take measurements of the one off electromotive parts.This is his shop http://www.epracing.net/ really nice guy .He is working on vg30 parts ,oil pumps, etc....
  12. http://www.racingjunk.com/category/93/Engines_Components/post/1741362/cadillac-northstar-twin-turbo.html
  13. Yesterday 03:47 PMnismoman63We added the Moroso oil pan kit to our Z31 and road raced it for years and now its a drift car.It holds 9 qts Any specs or info ,pics could help the cause. Thanks Dave.
  14. I have a cheap e-bay one and the threads are not long enough to tighten it. I believe there are 20mm threads 1.5 pitch. mocal and canton make one just seeing which one works with the vg.
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