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  1. Thanks rossman, I usually never use crow's foot wrenches so that was a big help!
  2. Thanks guys, they were a class 8.8. Now the big question is if my crowsfoot will hang on to make torque spec!
  3. I know this an old thread but I finally am getting around to installing everything 😁 What torque spec did you guys use for the bolts for your bracket? I was trying to find the torque for the drum backing plate but it didn't look like it was listed in the FSM.
  4. Posted a bad character. Anyway, this is very sano
  5. I just posted a title that had an icon in it and I think it corrupted the link. Its under body and paint "280z black" with a heart after it. I copied it from the youtube link and didnt realize it showed up in the title. Please remove, my bad.
  6. As the title states. Very sano.
  7. I bought a running engine and the PO told me his mods. I am guessing I am looking at a powerband that would be similar to this dyno I found with similar setup: It's still using the stock turbo however, and I plan on doing a rebuild after I get the whole car sorted (and test driven!). From the previous posts here from people with RB swaps, a lot seemed to say their car seemed pretty lethargic with 3.7 and lower (numerically smaller) gears. Most of the 240sx guys run pretty steep gears out back. Powerband is tough to say as I haven't built the motor but I don't plan on going you
  8. I'm doing an RB25 swap and I had a question about driveline. Does anyone have a CD009 (350z) transmission with their swap? I was comparing ratios from the rb25 transmission to the cd009, and the CD has a much lower 1st/2nd. Factory GTST's came with a 24"-ish tire with a 4.11 rear and a 3.215 first gear. My car currently has a 25" tire with a 3.54 gear, the CD009 first is 3.78. I am thinking this would more or less put me at factory gearing. Finding a 3.9 or 4.11 is pretty tough in a r200 long nose these days, and my diff is essentially brand new. But I'm working on the backend of t
  9. Finally getting around to the car again. i got a new parking brake bracket from Woza awhile back. I have to pull my hubs to install, but my bearings have almost zero miles on them since I upgraded the stub axles. Can I get away with just doing a R&R and skip the handful of grease? I know, just being lazy...
  10. Thanks again. I'll try a 25' foot for both and hopefully won't need more. Next up, wiring questions! 🙂
  11. Going to redo my brake line and fuel line at the same time. Anyone know how many feet I am going to need? I am going cunifer for both and want to make sure I don't need to pay double shipping. They come in coils of 25 feet. Thanks.
  12. Shame they never kept developing this engine. So far I've never heard a bad inline 6 sound. The L looks pretty impressive compared to this build tho, considering its down half a liter (on a 3.1) and still makes more oomph. Especially in the torque department.
  13. I came across this solution I may try for the holes in my car
  14. Nice, how much does that usually cost? I'm saving my N42/N42 setup in my stash but just clearing out my now defunct turbo build.
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