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  1. Doh, must've missed that post.
  2. I came across this today when I was browsing the youtubes. Not sure if he is a member here or on the facebook group. I really like how the sound of the exhaust has changed, that's always been my only gripe with the L turbo motors.
  3. mutantZ

    Inline 8

    Bringing the thread back for an update from Russia https://jalopnik.com/heres-what-happens-when-you-bolt-two-inline-four-engine-1832897629
  4. I agree. I wonder how long a coating like this would last under the valve cover. My guess is not very.
  5. Neato, but I foresee some leaks in the near future
  6. That's pretty awesome. Now I just need the quality of my welds to match the quality of those parts. 😄
  7. That is actually a much better price than I was expecting. Is that just for the machining or machining+material?
  8. Is there any appreciable difference between an aluminum vs steel balancer in a (mostly) street turbo car? There is a 3# weight penalty, but that might not be a bad thing. Anyone with experience with either? Price is the same for both. http://harmonicdampers.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=74_10
  9. Thanks, I appreciate the heads up!
  10. Thanks Kevlars, I'll hit them up. Did you have a specific person you dealt with?
  11. Has anyone dealt with these people? They are local to me so it would be a lot easier to deal with. http://www.jdmcaliforniamotors.com
  12. If a Bob Sharp valvecover goes for 1k, how much does a whole car go for? Never mind the fact that's the Paul Newman car. If only I had that kind of loot. https://www.motorcarclassics.com/1979-datsun-280zx-paul-newman-championship-racecar-c-191.htm
  13. Thanks for posting those pics! Did you remove the impeller on the stock water pump? What kind of numbers were you putting down, that motor looks like a serious piece of kit.
  14. I don't know if this person is a member here, but I found this video last night randomly. My only question is the height of the tube in relation to the thermostat. Won't this make it very difficult to bleed all the air out of the system?
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