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  1. The ride was harsh a bit harsh with the 16's and they looked a bit big from some angles, very happy with the 15inch watanabes.
  2. Thats my car, the above picture is when the resto was completed with 16x8 wats on 225/45/16 tyres, its now on 15x8 0 offset wats and 225/50/15 tyres
  3. Yep I sold them, very happy with the 15's though!
  4. Just changed out my watanabes from 16x8 to 15x8
  5. i understand what your saying now Jon, I've had the poly stops before too and i remember when you hit them its more of a loud bang. I'll give this setup a trial run and see how it feels.
  6. ok so just an update on what I think i might try, pillowballs are out as I think they might be a little too noisy for a street car, so I have raised the car a bit, its 6 inches from the ground to the rocker pichweld, front and back, travel is around 25m front and 35mm back. I can try and get more front travel by sectioning the front again and using some koni mr2 8641-1142 shocks and also ditching the koni foam bumpstops and replacing them with 25mm poly bumpstops, any suggestions?
  7. I think i'm going to go with some fixed pillowball mounts, the ones listed below from japan also have an coilover hat option with some sort of rubber to reduce noise, whether it works or not is to be found out! http://www.fine-auto-service.com/pillowupper/index.html
  8. Is there a lot more noise transferred into the cabin when using these?
  9. Thanks for the info guys, I will raise the car a little but I'm also thinking of changing the stock isolators out for some fixed pillowball mounts from japan which from what I've read should give me some more bump back. (Bump stops are 45mm) http://www.fine-auto-service.com/pillowupper/index.html
  10. I will probably raise slightly Tony but I'm hoping to keep it around its current height, I actually didn't think it looked too low so I was suprised at the travel. My last coilovers were done the same as the strut sectioning FAQ with the illuiminas and same springs except they were 225/250 pd springs, I thought maybe the stiffer springs gave me a bit more travel as they didn't compress as much.
  11. I've just converted my struts on my 240z to coilovers using koni yellows part 8641-1060 (300zx), front and rear were sectioned 24mm and using eibach 2.5 ID 10 inch springs, 200pds rear and 175 front with koni foam bumpstops. The problem I seem to have is the travel, the fronts look to have maybe 10mm of travel before hitting the bumpstop and the rear would be around 20mm, not sure what is wrong here, maybe the springs are sagging more as they are soft?
  12. I now have a set of 8641-1060 koni yellows and I'm trying to decide which way im heading with springs (coilover or factory type lowered spring) and sectioning. I've got an approx length of the koni yellow shock body and that seems to be around 362mm, the 240z stock strut height (inner from dished bottom to lip) front approx 385mm and rear 425mm. This will be a road only car, no track work. First question is whether to go with king lows springs or coilover springs like I have had before but much softer for the street, if I go with the eibach coilover springs I was thinking 200pds rear and 175 front (compared to 250/225 i had before) I have to admit I do like the option of being able to raise or lower the car when I want or to the exact height I want. Second question is whether to section or not, there is plenty of room for sectioning in the rear but the front looks to be limited to max 20mm, so no spacer underneath. Suspension experts give me your thoughts!
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