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  1. Any updates? Cost? Availability? Website, Instagram, or FB?
  2. I sent you a PM last week? This still a thing?
  3. Curious, how close do you think this cd009 setup will be mounted in position for a VQ or LS? Also, are there any early spots left?
  4. I have the header, but it's in storage... I'll get the flange and see if it matches.
  5. Very nice! What plug wires are you recommending we use? BTW I can't see a single one of your pictures. I just remember the brackets from zccjdm.
  6. Interested in this, can you detail the sensor/wheel setup and what mods were required to the housing? I was planning on buying hoke's crank trigger too. I'd like to run full sequential.
  7. SeanD- Do you know if your exhaust and y-pipe will mate to the Greddy Trust header? It looks very close to your jdm style header.
  8. Recommendations for a ITB l28? I'd be interested in an ecu and harness setup, as complete as you can offer.
  9. Anyone have one stateside they decided not to use? Let me know. Thanks
  10. Zip code 92807. 1 xxl short sleeve American apparel black. 1 xxl short sleeve American Apparel black aqua.
  11. Dave, I have one of your old kits, the 2 key fob variety. I never installed it, but is the rfid option something I can have upgraded on mine?
  12. How does their black Friday sale effect your pricing?
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