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  1. RA64

    Complete 5 Speed Swap

    a I might have some stuff laying around. a do you live in north town like creig road?
  2. RA64

    what dizzy???

    So im in the middle of a swap an need to know what dizzy to use. im putting in a l28 but do i use the dizzy from the l24 or l28? the l28 was EFI. Iv tryed to search for this but no luck. I was also thinking of useing the PerTronix Ignitor. So to give more info on what im doing... n42 block, N42 head, it will be carbed SU or AZC holley. going to put flat-tops in when $ comes around later.
  3. RA64

    240z front hub.

    Need a new hub. no rotor or any thing else just the hub, trying to keep shiping to a min.
  4. RA64

    70 240z part-out

    front hubs?
  5. RA64

    Jeep 4.0 swap?

    thanks for the tip.
  6. RA64

    Jeep 4.0 swap?

    hear is a after market head for it.
  7. RA64

    Jeep 4.0 swap?

  8. RA64

    Jeep 4.0 swap?

    not to sure but just found this.The '87-'90 engines had Renix electronic multipoint fuel injection, electronic ignition, a single 51mm (2.0") throttle body, and a rather inefficient low port cylinder head. In 1991 engines received Chrysler sequential MPFI, a larger 60mm throttle body, revised intake and exhaust manifolds, and a more efficient high port cylinder head. As a result, these engines produced 13hp more than their predecessors and gained the "High Output" designation. In 1996 engines received noise, vibration, and harshness fixes. The blocks were stiffened with extra ribbing, a main bearing brace was added, and lighter cast aluminium pistons were introduced to reduce cold start piston slap. Engines also received revised camshaft timing for more low rev torque. In 2000 a distributorless coil-on-plug ignition system was installed, intake and exhaust manifolds were revised, and a more efficient water pump was included.
  9. RA64

    Jeep 4.0 swap?

    I have a 72 240z I'v been looking to do a swap for a long time. some of the things iv looked in to are stroking a l28. $$$$. ca18det. well things have changed for me. (new baby boy coming in 2 weeks) i just bought a 1996 jeep cherokee for my girl an been looking more an more in to the 4.0 motor an i am impressed. the power is impressive for a SUV thats 2 tons. the throttle response is probably the best iv ever felt. Thing that I like in a motor, torque, throttle response, reliability, ease of tuning, an cheap! INFO: Description in-line six, overhead valve (two per cylinder), flat-face followers, hydraulic lifters, cast iron block and head Displacement: 3960 cc (242 cubic inches) Bore and stroke 98.4 mm x 86.7 mm Compression ratio 8.8:1 Redline: 5,300 rpm Maximum power USA - 190 hp (142kW)@4,600 rpm; 235 lb-ft (319 Nm) @ 3,200 rpm Now for the fun stuff 1. bolt on parts 2. stroker 3.turbo 4.supercharger Some other thoughts on this motor. to me its very much like a l28 to me in size. the lay out is the same intake, an ext. to me the intake can use an update like these motors must be cheap they sold millions of them! you can get parts every where, big plus!!! tell me what you think
  10. What would it do to the springs frequency?
  11. RA64


  12. RA64

    Aerodynamics tip (front air dam mod)

    had this pic thought it might help
  13. RA64

    N42 on a L24?

    Well I already have the n42 head + hear in vegas you cant find sh!t for the 240z. All the cars at pick a part are 280z & zx all the heads that Iv seen are the p79.+ people that I know (in town) want hella $$$ for the 2.4 heads. So this is what I got to use, I dont have a lot of money to play with too. Well what head gasket do I need? Tell me more about notching the block an stuff? Thanks
  14. RA64

    N42 on a L24?

    I have a l24 and a n42 head, what is needed to run this set up? I was reading that I might have to notch the block out for the valves to clear the bore, but I was also thinkin, Do I have to run a diffrent head gasket like from a l28 becuse of the notch? Does any one have pics of this stuff? Thanks>