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  1. For "out of the box shopping" Kameari offers an upgraded head, an N42 I believe, featuring something called an "Argon" welded combustion chamber. This head also features 46/38 valves and various cam specs. I don't understand the techno lingo beacause they aren't given in degrees of duration and/or in. of lift like we do in the US. The other question is what would the compression be? I have recently run across several clips of Japanese Zeds making well in excess of 300hp and one such NA L6 boasting 409ps or about 403 hp! Additionally they are doing 11sec runs on the strip; albeit some are
  2. has not set their status

  3. Now that my build is done, I know for sure that the SUs aren't right. I have a 2.8 with a mildly ported N47 and Isky 290/490. Under full throttle it pulls like an athlete with one of those parachutes dragging behind. I'm still breaking it in and haven't attempted anything over 4500rpm, but in third at that point the bogging increases. I'm hoping I can get them re-tuned without having to step up to Webers or Mikunis. Reccomendations?
  4. wishihadaz


    From what I understand this a custom, one-of-a-kind.Google "Spanky's Autobody" and you should run across their website.These guys do great work !
  5. It appears, that when switching to either the Techno Tuning or AZC camber plate kits, you would not have the ability of using strut tower bars in conjunction with them. The mounting plates bolt locations are set-up for stock. That does seem to be an issue when using John C's EMI kit, since it utilizes the stock perches. Can anybody confirm this?
  6. I was making an inference to upgrades and surgery. Hip replacement is to brakes/suspension as a triple bypass is to rebuilding a motor. Sorry for the confusion. My surgery is still in progress: 2.8L with .040 over-Ross pistons, N47 ported head, Isky Stage 3, rebuilt SUs, and 2.5 exhaust/Borla XR-1 muffler.
  7. In a perferct world we all might agree, but it actually depends on what you have to work with. My motor will be first because it's currently dead. Kinda like gettin a hip replacement when you really need a triple by-pass.
  8. And how does your post help my situation? I'm not a thread basher, but really; this is the kind of stuff that makes people do it. Your post was totally irrelevant!
  9. Thanks guys! Your arguments actually help without giving direct answers. At least I know what questions to ask my builder now, and make him more accountable for the work and choices he makes. I'll keep you posted on the progress.
  10. The donor engine is a 77, 2.8 and has dished pistons. I specified cast flat tops because of cost. The forged domed pistons were thrown into my deal.
  11. I'll have to get that verified by my mechanic. I read the thread "big and nasty headwork" and was leaning toward the N47 since this is supposed to be a "hot" street, not race motor. I'm probably cutting it close at 10.6:1 compression, but I think the cam at 290/.490 will allow that to work. I'm hoping Mr. Mortensen, Coffey, and Ruschmann will chime in. I realize now, I probably should have posted this in the L6 forum. Obviously, I've read more than I have posted.
  12. These photos were taken as progress shots of my 2.8L rebuild. Pistons are Ross domed .040 overbore I'm still debating head choices. Will be N47, E88, or N42 depending on the least amount of work. I will retain and retune my SUs and will be using Isky's L-490 camshaft. My mechanic says compression will be about 10.6:1 Any of you guys seen domed pistons cut like this? No speculative answers please, thanks.
  13. A stroker is much more expensive when you consider the machine work that goes into it! Call Dave Robello or Balanced Performance. I'm in the process of ordering forged instead of cast pistons for my 2.8 rebuild. L6 pistons don't seem to be readily stocked anymore? I've contacted Wiesco, JE, and Arias and sets can be in excess of $900.00 I wasn't expecting that! The source I'm considering is Paeco Industries http://www.paeco.com/Piston%20Prices.htm. About $600.00 set without rings. Any bore, stroke, or compression. I do agree, if you are doing a rebuild, "off the shelf"
  14. wishihadaz


    Adequate trunk space too!
  15. Ahhh, I remember those days. Aurora AFX and G-Plus (they haul $%&**!!)Much easier to work on too!
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