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  1. Hi Guys, its been a while since I posted but I'm getting around to get my Z back up. I need to see if anyone knows where I can find this Water inlet flange that is pressed in on the intake manifold. I can't find the stock part number or replacement only some from the UK that are weld in type. I just need the stock one or a part number for any other car that is interchangeable. Any help is appreciated, photo for reference below. Thanks
  2. 240z ignition switch with keys, it's for a 260 but should work I believe. Please let me know if anyone has one laying around. Thanks!
  3. An idea , why not just wrap your bumpers with chrome vinyl should look just like chrome,
  4. Show N go License Plate I am in the process of mounting this thing on my Z.
  5. I run diesel Shell Rotella T 15w40 on my KA and 5w40 syn on my RB.
  6. Here is a most recent picture of my Z.
  7. IF anyone has a good working one for my 240z let me know thanks.
  8. Thanks for the info, looks like I will try to contact the seller and see what he can do for me. I believe HitachiUSA will also replace it. But I read from other guys the turn around time was about 3 months.
  9. Hi to all, well after 3 years of installing front 240z 5-way illumina inserts in the rear(Mr2 fronts, Sectioned), today when I was driving on the freeway my car felt like the rear was skating around when I hit bumps. At first I thought my front or back wheels were loose or somehow my suspension became loose. My car felt like when I first had purchased it and my shocks where all out, my concern is that my inserts are somewhat new and it sucks if they went bad. I tried pushing my left 1/4 panel up and down and I hear/feel no absorption from the sock. When I do it on the right I can hear t
  10. Maybe you have the wiring wrong on the signal lights. Wire with red stripe is for signal light and the other for parking lights. The third is common ground.
  11. i dont think it has to do anything with the engine, I have a RB25. And let me tell you, it still smells lol
  12. Whats going on Quoc? Been a while since i got my wheels from you lol. As for the Rottweilers all I would need is Beggin strips and there wont be a problem haha.
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