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  1. It's got 280 front and 280 back, the vine number will tell for sure what year it is. Title sounds like it might be wrong, might be an issue getting an out of state transfer if it's titled incorrectly. The vin is what matters when licencing.
  2. The car pictured is a late 74 260Z or a 75-78 280Z. The vin # for the 260Z reads "RLS30" the 280Z will read "HLS30". The remaining 6 characters are the production number and will us what year it was built.
  3. I wish they had a website listing their available parts and prices. Looks to be good quality parts and no one else is making them.
  4. Be weary of their captured nut locations, I had to move mine forward about 3/8"
  5. Two banks of three. you can break it up by alternating firing order, making it 1,2,3 and 4,5,6 or alternating cylinders to equalize the fuel rail, 1,3,5 and 2,4,6.
  6. Series 1 chassis, gutted and slutted, L28ET swap, 15x7 keizers, wieghed 2105 without driver at the DNI shootout before they changed the name to DNI shootout.
  7. Any idea when those of us who got bumped can expect shipment? Can we choose a different color to expedite?
  8. On the topic of shipping USPS Priority offers tyvek envelopes which they will supply for free. You can even order a pile of them and they will deliver to your home for free (same for all shipping supplies). They should ship pretty cheap, i've received a number fo shirts shipped this way.
  9. The Hako at the Eneos booth was awesome as well just with a single cam L6. The linkage for the RHD vehicle to the triples on the L6 looked a bit "Rube Goldbergesque"
  10. All you need is a 280zx turbo donor, or just the turbo, injectors, ecu, harness, exhaust manifold and oil pan. thats 180 hp stock, crank up the boost and you can get 200 whp pretty easy, add an intercooler and you can get about 250 whp. any more than that and you'll need to upsize injectors and deal with some sort of upgraded management, and likely head studs, and MLS gasket. Or you can get some dumpy v8 of your choice and a spool of welding wire and get to work.
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