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  1. Does anyone have a Hoke performance transmission adapter for sale? I’m running an L28 motor, 3.2 stroker, car is a dedicated track car for road corse racing. What are you guys running for a transmission?
  2. Good evening everyone, Does anyone have a Hoke transmission adapter kit for sale? The CD009 to L28 kit Thanks
  3. Anyway you can send me more pictures of your cooling system set up? Thank you
  4. I found the tank out of a Satern View to be the correct size and hose configuration. Probably an early 2000's model, I don't remember what year exactly.
  5. Its been a while sense I've posted here so I thought I'd throw these pics up. I'll preface this by saying I'm running a 3.2 Rebillo motor on 110 with ITB's and an Adaptronic ECU. 5 speed 240sx trans with a 5.5" clutch and a flex plate. 4.11 final drive with some Hoosier R7's I was having an issue pushing water out of the radiator during race like conditions. Only happened after several laps at full tilt. Not sure if I'm getting exhaust gas pushing by the head gasket or what. I did a test on the coolant to see if gas was present and it was negative but I'm not sure how accurate those auto zone test kits are. The other strange thing is the system wouldn't suck the water back in from the catch can after it cooled down. So… we decided to look into a recirculating system. We took a trip to the junkyard and scored this tank. I made some brackets for it and mounted it. I have an inline filler on the upper radiator hose that has a overflow outlet, I connected the inlet on the tank to the outlet on the filler neck and installed a 0 PSI radiator cap there. I have a 15 PSI cap on the recirculating tank. The outlet on the tank goes where the heater return line would normally go. I ran this setup at VIR full a couple weekends ago. Everything seems to work great, it built pressure as it should and cleared air out of the system.
  6. Very nice, I should have the Z back up and running this weekend. Running it at Roebling Road Raceway out side of Savannah. Its not my favorite track but I go to see family in Savannah so might as well get some track time in
  7. After all that work I ran it twice and broke the crank. I think the clutch was out of balance for a long time and eventually wore it out. I sent it off and had a new crank nitrided, eliminated the distributor and went with individual coils, did away with the flywheel and went with a flex plate and got a Quarter Master Pro 5.5 clutch. I haven't had time to put it back together but will post up when I do
  8. Where do you live and how much would you like for it? Pics?
  9. I'm looking for some 5 speeds for my 75 280z. 77-79 would be great but 1980, 81-83, BW T5 would be entertained for the right price. Text me 919-641-2242 Thanks
  10. Well… I found a 4.11 R&P and had it put in my R200 long nose. With the 240sx trans and 4.11 final gear it brought this car to life! I am pulling away from everyone out of the turns. I love it!
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