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  1. Spent days looking for a RB LS coil swap wiring diagram but couldn't find anything other than a "simple Google search will help" comments. Seems all the writeups are old and gone. Well for those who are DIY like myself and don't want to spend over $100 on a LS coil harness, here is a wiring guide. Thanks to ScottyMIZ for all the help
  2. Updated 12-2-13. Edited the OP and linked to the write up instead of confusing people with the write up on the youdamnfool site that was taken down.
  3. Came down with a good case of the flu. Been on the couch for 2 days. I can muster some strength this afternoon and get the pictures.
  4. Sorry I haven't been replying to posts and PM's lately. Been really busy. If you want to get a hold of me quicker, email me at zul8er@gmail.com
  5. Mine is a single wire on a double prong too. You have a - prong and a | prong. Mine is on the | prong
  6. it will be in the wring near your FI relay (lower left side of the picture)
  7. Oil pressure on mine is just 2 female bullet connectors, and the o2 sensor is pretty obvious.
  8. 30 minutes or less http://http://www.30minutesorless.com/ Filmed in the city I live in, GR
  9. Shifted to soon into 3rd and I couldn't pick up the turbo so I was going to try again, but settled for 2nd.
  10. -Blue with red stripe - is switched power for your fuel pump relay (has 12+ volts when key is on, will have power for 5 seconds if car is not running to prime the fuel system, and will have a constant 12+ volts when car is running.) For a relay to work, you need a constant +, switched +, signal, and ground -. Constant 12+ will obviously come straight from the battery, switched comes from the blue with red stripe wire from the eccs, signal wire in your case is the green wire you have going to the + side of the fuel pump, and the ground for the relay and the fuel pump can goto the body or t
  11. The fuse is on the constant for the relay, and what you do with the negative wire depends on if you have the 300zx eccs and maf conversion. Stock 280zxt the positive is a switched, and on the 300zx the negative is the switched.
  12. That is interesting since his coil packs are cracked and silicone is a temp fix so he can drive his car while saving for new coil packs.
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