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  1. Looking for 82-83 Turbo ZX ECU. Thanks
  2. I have a 77 280z with an 82 ZXT swap 82 engine harness haven't run the car in a while. Now I start the car it will run idle for about 60 seconds or so and then shut off, things are clicking under the hood I think its Injectors but fuel pump doesn't seem to be running. Acts like something is killing ignition as well as fuel pump. After a few mins with the key still in the run position, I can hear the fuel pump start up again but can't start the car. I then turn off the key wait an hour and the car will start and do the same thing again. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Jimmy Could you tell me what you have done to your cars suspension? Strut Sectioning if so how much thanks
  4. I am about to start sectioning struts and building coilovers using Bilstein p30-0032 on a 77 280z however if I cut my front tubes to fit the Bilstein inserts as suggested above for the illuminas I would be shortening my tubes by 2.25 inches. The DIY on doing the Bilsteins target is 1.5 inch but then use a 9/16" spacer at the bottom of the tube. I would rather not use a spacer on the fronts if possible but I understand that sectioning more than 2" is a bad Idea. Should I stay with the 1.5" with these inserts? Planning on running Group buy 17" Rota RB-r's
  5. thanks all appreciate the help
  6. I have an 81 L28ET in an 77 S30 And am out of town and can pick up some intercooler and other intake pipe and hose. I measured it once but can't remember if its 3" or 2.5" I am pretty sure I want to run 2.5 Inch intercooler pipes but the connection to the AFM is what I can't remember, I don't have the stock Aircleaner to AFM boot. Also curious should I just use the AFM Boot off of a 77 s30 and connect to that is it the right size? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the quick reply left it unplugged and I must have dodged a bullet I took the battery out to take out the voltage regulator and do that fix put the battery back in and it started up. Now I guess I need to find a new one. Thanks
  8. I have a 1977 280z With a 1981 280zx turbo swap. I've got it running but not great still working on guages aswell I have the key off runnon that is supposed to only affect 240's and early 260's so I was doing the diode fix. Non functioning oil pressure, temp and Tach. Now the car wont start anymore after finding this condensor Here is a picture of the part in question showing wires that were connected it was bolted to the coil mount car was running when it was all connected a connection looked weak so I wiggled the wire and it broke then when unplugging the other side it br
  9. Ok so I am doing a turbo swap into a 1977 280 from an 1982 280zxt its been sitting for a while now have spark working ok but I was testing my fuel system and I find the following: I have wired it according to the swap faq "bumblezee" the leads get +12 for about 5 sec then none I am sure once the car starts it will get power again as it should. However as soon as I plug it into my fuel pump I get barely +3 sometimes nothing unplug from pump and the power goes back up I have checked the ground going to the pump and its fine I can leave the ground plug connected to the pump disconnect the p
  10. Just got my 77 280 to start with my 82 ZXT engine it's been too long. I used the quick FI and ignition 280zxt to S30 turbo swap guide in the faq "Thanks Bumble Zee" But it didn't really talk about how to wire in the fuel Pump unless I missed something. And I had to guess on the 8 prong plug from the ingnition harness as mine is an 82 he showed a 6 prong form an 81. Right now I have my fuel pump wired into the Switched power "White/Blackstriped" wire in the unused 6 prong plug from the chassis harness that comes out by the steering wheel the same plug that the Green/Bluestriped wire
  11. Hey did you get your Fuel pump wiring finished if so can you let me know how you did it. I have a 77 with an 82 ZXT engine and Engine harness Also are you using a Relay for the Fuel pump if so which one the 77 or the 82 and how and where do you plug it in. All the best Thanks for the help
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