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  1. Awesome thanks! Do you think they would hold up wel on the track? Also do they have alot of adjustment?
  2. Datsunpartsllc is the vender. I would like to get a hold of Juan though too.
  3. Sorry to bump this up half a year later, but I was wondering if you went with the Datsunppartsllc FLCA? I'm looking into these myself but can't find any reviews on them.
  4. Thanks Sideways! I just couldnt find any info on the fuel return.
  5. Anyone? Should I just delete the fuel return line or is there a way to run it with the Webers?
  6. Sorry guys my Z is a 1972 with a l28 swap. It had a mechanical pump on the block, I dont think the Rx7 pump would work there. I guess I can use the stock steel line but what would I do with the fuel return line? The stock mechanical pump had an inlet for the return line but the rx7 pump doesnt. So there are a pair of steel lines running to the engine bay, one being return and the other is supply.
  7. Whats up everyone. I just installed triple Webers onto my L28 and now I need to get this thing running This is going to be a huge task for me since it is my first time doing any real engine work, but I have some help from friends. My question is about the fuel pump. I purchased a fuel pump for a carbureted RX7 since I heard they are quiet and work well. I was wondering how to run the fuel line? I already have some rubber fuel line to run from the tank to the carb and already deleted the old mechanical pump. Do I run the line from the fuel supply inlet on the tank to the fuel pump then to the engine? What do I do with the fuel return inlet on the tank? Also am I able to run the rubber fuel line as I planned? Also how will I wire it up? Sorry for the rookie questions but I can't find any clear explanation of this on the web.
  8. I just saw this, sorry guys. They are Prothane bushings. I heard that it is pretty impossible to make them fit perfectly and that I just have to tighten everything down as much as I could. I tried to install again today but again no luck. I wish my engine was pulled because I am having trouble getting to everything. I'm going to try the boiling water method in a couple of days and see if I can get it to work. If that doesn't work I think I'm going to look into the Energy suspension bushings since it would be easier to install, hopefully.
  9. I am unsure about your question but I ordered the camber plates off ZCCJDM.com. My rear strut tubes are 7 inches long I believe. I measured the width of the strut and got a steel tube that was slightly wider than the strut and thick so that the machine shop had some material to work with when making the threads. While welding you want to make sure not to heat the metal too much because you might warp the metal which would cause the coilover not to thread all the way down. I also used gussets all around. I'm sorry I don't remember all the dimensions, I did this a while ago. I would say that I have great adjustability although I wish I got my front tubes made instead of using the ones that came with the coilovers so that I can make them longer. I always just slam the car for meets then raise it back up for driving around town.
  10. I'm running stance coilovers with and had a machine shop make my rear strut sleeves. I'm more function>form and I totally agree with John about the alignment. I think there is a way around it though, and this may sound stupid but I'm thinking out loud here, why not just keep track of where your coilovers are at when you get the car aligned for the track, dump it for cruising, then raise it back up where you had it at alignment when you track it? Probably the dumbest thing anyone has heard, but it works in my head.Haha
  11. Theres a ton of info out there. If you don't want to run megans, choose a coilover of your choice and and have a machine shop make threaded coilover sleeves for you and camber plates. You are going to have to weld these in. I used this technique and I love it. I can get almost as low as Sunnys Z and it still feels good but then I can raise it up a few inches for track days. Search "crazy octopus 240z" his build thread should come up and it shows coilover install really well. If you don't want to run s13 coilovers and want to run, say miata coilovers, its the same stuff. Pretty easy. Drifting is going to be hard like morbias said but still a super fun car to drive! I like slammed Zs!
  12. Hey guys, I'm finally getting around to installing poly bushings on my 72 240z. I ordered what I thought were the correct bushings for my car since they are for 70-73 240z. I went to install them today and they fit really bad around the rack and I can't get the steering rack back into the mounting point. I did some research and found that the bushings are different by they thickness on the sides and there are some differences between the two racks but how do I tell if I have a 280z rack? I found some information on that too but it is still unclear to me. The previous owner installed a L28, so I'm thinking it's possible he installed the rack as well. I don't really wan to waste money on another set of bushings. Thanks for the help, sorry for the noob question. Matt
  13. Sorry I didn't write back until now, I was on vacation. But I have not decided to use a fuel return line yet, what purpose would this serve? . I believe that the RX7 pump will pump to about 4 PSI, I don't plan on running a regulator though. The carbs are 40s but I am not aware of the current chokes and jets on the yet. I hope to start getting into everything next week!
  14. I'm going to start my Triple Weber build soon, I just scored some complete triple Webers with a Cannon manifold. I just want to make sure I have all my information correct. My Z has a l28 with a N42 head. I know I will be needing an electric fuel pump (I'm going to use 1981 rx7 pump), l28 exhaust/intake manifold (not sure which to use), and a fuel pressure gauge to help me tune. I've been doing a lot research and this is all that I can find I need to have a good running L28 with triple Webers. I want to make sure I get all the parts I need since this is my daily and don't want it to be off the road for too long. It is currently running round top SUs. Is this all I will be needing to run the triple Webers or is there anything else I need to add to the list. Any help would be great since engine work is somewhat new to me. Thanks, Matt
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