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  1. Sometimes new ideas don't work...
  2. If you don't mind sharing, where and for how much did you get the CD009?
  3. This looks interesting, though: https://www.instagram.com/p/3SvvTLO-yI/?taken-by=royalworks
  4. The ones on my car do not have fittings, but they're also older.
  5. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/115814-krecs-k-e-engineering-front-lcas/?hl=krecs I believe they're KRECS, which I have and bought directly from the guy and bought them directly. His e-mail is in the link above.
  6. Weld on a new hood latch support bracket?
  7. Spotted this a couple months back and found it interesting. Not feeling complete sentences right now, so... Why it works for me: - I only want a spoiler for track sessionS. - Wouldn't leave hardware exposed when removed. - My hatch is FG and lacks strength. Concerns: - Will an un-braced spoiler like this hold angle at speed? - Is it SCCA legal? - Will you guys still be my friend?
  8. Math, then: https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/s130/rs-watanabe-wheels
  9. Looks worse than mine was, and I was upward of about 35-40 different patch panels on my car. If the rear quarter is that bad, so are the floors. The rust behind the front fenders has probably pushed through to the rockers on that end, etc. If it were an earlier car, I'd say go for it, but a 78... Eh, keep looking.
  10. Primer filler and a tiny bit of sanding should do the job. In my experience with fiberglass parts (never had CF), it all needs prep work. Your spoiler is fine if you're painting it.
  11. Even if you weren't painting it, you can still wetsand/cut/buff it to remove the smaller imperfections.
  12. This is my point. $300 for a carbon fiber spoiler isn't a premium price. Look at, for example, the Porsche market, and see how they're paying three times the amount for the same product. At that level, it should be perfection. I do like reviews like this, because as the title states, it is an honest, good review. I just like to see expectations in line with reality.
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