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  1. You might want to look into public transportation for a while Really though like was said above, do what you can to avoid the insurance hike. You could wind up paying the cost of that ticket over and over again with a rate hike
  2. Search the forum for "dragonfly" it had some nicely done ones
  3. Team Fortress 2. Not as intense as COD but fun, and you can put it down when you want (need) to. ... and cheap as can be
  4. Plagiarism, outright plagiarism. I've had almost that same exact design in the back of my head for a year now. I'll be contacting the admins to see how you got it without me knowing Seriously, that looks nice. Once you finish the fiberglass shell, how are you going to attach it to the body? and is that center console going to leave room for both the steering wheel, and your knuckles, it looks a little close in the pictures. As for the fabric, from what I've been able to find, speaker cover fabric works really well for that.
  5. Have you thought about bringing the exhaust through where the bumper used to be? Something like this, but perhaps two exhaust pipes instead of four.
  6. FINALLY --- somebody who answers that question the same as I do
  7. ^^^ yeah, check those seals. This is my zx, but rust is rust
  8. Shiba Inu Swedish Vallhund Corgi
  9. $ 1.91 / gallon at WaWa and Valero - Dover, De.
  10. Do you have a link to any more pictures of this car ?
  11. Dont worry, I've already got all you're pic's bookmarked
  12. Too much work I'm going to go more along the lines of VinhZXT's front bumper mod, with the buckets blended in, it's a nice smooth look.
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