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  1. Maybe the cops wanted the motor back? Or the 280Z was reported stolen? Just a thought.
  2. Not sure how much more compression will be gained, if any, but the heads will bolt onto a non roller block with no problems.
  3. The rear sump pick up screen attaches to a special main bolt with a stud on the hex end. No special main cap required.Did you end up having to change the pick up screen or just the oil pump?
  4. The dual sump pan requires a different oil pump pick up screen than the normal front sump screen. The high volume pump shouldn't be a problem. Did you use a oil pump pick up screen with a long tube which picks up oil from the rear sump?
  5. If you drive the car to the track and don't want to have to jack it up to change the tires then get some drag radials.If you don't mind swapping wheels or trailer the car then get some slicks.Some 26x8.5x15's should fit your wheels and car without any problem. I just put some 24.5X8.0X14 Mickey Thompson slicks on my car to replace the 215/60R14 BFG Drag Radials. Now the 60 foots are consistent at about 1.54-1.55. The Drag Radials were good for a best of 1.510 60 foot in cooler weather but weren't consistent. One run would be 1.58 the next 1.70.The car gets trailered to the track so the slicks aren't a problem.It has run a best 1/8 mile of 7.18/94+ (about 11.25 1/4mile) but since the rollbar cut-off is 7.25 and I don't want to put one in, it has been slowed down to run 7.30's. http://bowtie0069.fotki.com/73108irwindalepix/img1101.html
  6. Adjustable struts might work if it's possible to crank in some super stiff rebound. It's easier and cheaper to just add stiffer rear springs. Here's the Morris:
  7. The stock front springs and 250lb 8 inch coil over conversion springs in the rear are good for 1.5xx 60foots from my 302/240z. The stiff rear springs don't allow the rear to squat much off the line which keeps the axle angles straight preventing breakage of axle components. Both ends have stock replacement strut inserts.
  8. While I'd rather see a SBF swap into a 240/260 than the common SBC swap if all your 260 needs to make it a reliable driver is an alternator then get a new alternator. Those Mustang wheels probably have too much back spacing to fit your car without hitting the springs/stuts on the inside.
  9. I doubt a bored out (.030)460 is making anywhere near 500HP. It would be better if swapped into a larger car or a Fox bodied Mustang using one of the readily available swap kits. A small block Ford or Chevy is a much better and easier swap into a 240Z than a BBF.
  10. Those plugs are more snake oil. Split Fire plugs has similar hype back in the '90's. No performance improvement will be seen but your wallet will be lighter.
  11. Nope, don't need to go over 140. Not sure on the HP but it might be about 340HP at the flywheel. I'm guessing the weight at about 2650. The key to running decent times at the drag strip is getting the power to the ground. 400-450HP won't be much good if the tires just spin.
  12. It's not a video but here's a pic from last night. The good lookin' Z has a 350SBC but my junk yard refugee 302 240Z out ran him this time. Ran a best ever 7.188/94MPH which is about a 11.30 1/4 mile pass. http://bowtie0069.fotki.com/21408irwindalepix/img5602.html
  13. Looks like a nice project. Guess that Mustang has front end damage and was totaled,huh? Seems like a Cobra might be worth fixing but not being a Mustang guy I don't know. Where are you located?
  14. The car has only run Irwindale's 1/8 mile which is the closest track to me. 7.45 1/8 mile is about 11.70-11.80 1/4 mile.
  15. The front suspension is completely stock, the rear has adjustable 250lb 8 inch long 2.5 I.D. springs. Both ends have cheap KYB replacement strut cartridges. The 4.11 R200 CLSD with 215/60R14 BFG Drag Radials have been good for a best of 1.575 60 ft.
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