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  1. pasakZ

    WTB 280ZX timing cover

    I am in DAllas Fort Worth area. 82 280zx turbo. Bill
  2. pasakZ

    question on rear brake swap

    i got it working. thanks for th help
  3. I have Maxima rear brackets that would need to be machined as described in the sticky here, plus fully loaded rebiult '88 calipers still in the boxes. you would just need to get the bracket machined. I am in WA. let me know if interested
  4. This has been a nightmare. First I was going to use rear calipers from an 83ZXT that I had stripped - should have been simple and cheap with a later model ZX for donor parts. I ordered brackets from a guy that work with the ZX calipers and the they never arrived, I tried to call and the website -- no longer in business. I then got maxima brackets from someone else, no place in town would machine them due to liability. I got new machined maxima brackets from another guy. Then the ZXT calipers did not fit. I got ordered some 88 rear maxima calipers that worked with the brackets -- FEDEX never delivered them. then I finally got the calipers, I got custom ss brake lines made. now I almost have the brakes together but ... I have rotors from the same 83 ZXT. I was told that the 84 300ZX rotors (turned down slightly) fit with this mod. I looked up the part numbers and thought that they were the same but when I mocked everything up there was a gap between the outter brake pad and the rotor. Has anyone here done this mod (with maxima brackets/88 maxima rear calipers/84 300 zx rotors)? Can I not read and really the 83ZXT and 84ZX have different rotors or does someone have some measurement differences? any advice would be nice. At this point I probably should have just bought a complete kit. I would like to make it work with just buying 300zx rotors. I will try to get some to test out this weekend but wanted to know if anyone had some sage advice on the subject. Sorry in advance I know this topic has been addressed a lot there are so many different mods that it gets hard to search for the one I am looking for. Thanks
  5. I am interested, how much to ship to 98332 - gig harbor, WA
  6. Want to buy Z race products rear disc conversion brackets if someone has some they decided not to use or another bracket that would use 280zx caliper and rotor from an 83 to convert to my 77 to rear disc
  7. as the title says, I only need 1, I am located at 98332, just outside of Tacoma, Washington
  8. I have used the search and read lots here and on zcar.com but still have questions. I am trying to do this conversion. I have modified maxima brackets and calipers/rotors from an 83 zxt -- replacing the drums on my 77 280. I can't seem to make them fit, when I read it seems some have done this with no problem, but when I try to mount the calipers there is not enough clearance. Do I need the calipers from an earlier model (79-81)? or calipers from a late model maxima (88 or so) or just a different rotor? -- I came by all the parts cheap and really only wanted the swap for easier maintainance but now I am into it and looking to continue as inexpensively as possible (with disc brakes) to get me back on the road. so with the maxima brackets what caliper/rotor combination fits on rear 280z? It seems others have made this combination work and I am trying to find out if I am just doing something stupid. Thanks
  9. pasakZ

    Rear Disc conversion bracket

    Do you still have these? I had some from another source but that fell through. How much do you want? how about $85 shipped - i bought non-machined ones for 35 shipped. I will send you some flat ones from an 85 maxima if you are interested in machining them and reselling. If you no longer have the some already machined. how much to machine the ones that I have and send them back?
  10. I am coverting my rear drum brakes to disc on my 77 NA 280z. I bought some maxima caliper mounting brackets off someone but aparently not the right ones - they did not fit on the axle. I need to buy some that will work for this conversion. Please respond with price including shipping to 98332. thanks
  11. pasakZ

    Companion flange

    I need a stock rear companion flange for my 77 280z NA. My zip is 98332. Thanks
  12. I have recently got a 1978 280 Z for free! I previously owned a 1982 280ZX non-turbo when I was 16 (15 years ago) until my sister totaled it. I have been a fan of Z cars since I was about 14 and really started looking at cars. My new Z is not currently running, it has been sitting for over 15 years (in a covered garage) - PO stated that it ran when parked however. Only minor surface rust and great interior. My question is get the engine running that is in there or I have a donor 1981 280zx delux model that I can get for only a couple of hundred bucks with a good running engine and bad interior/body. What's the consensus as far as time/money on fixing the original versus dropping in the donor engine? I have never done an entire engine overhaul but I am pretty car savvy and can follow direnctions. I also have friends with needed equipment if I don't own it. I am just looking to have a speedy little sports car to drive around. I am not going to race it. I want a reliable engine most of all. I will possibly be looking at doing some modifications to increase HP after I drive the car for a year or so and really get used to driving it - I think I would like about 200 whp. Of course I will be working on the suspension and brakes in addition to the engine. I know some dislike posts like this but I am just getting started and like when people post their opinions -- based on experience hopefully. 1981 ZX with 225K miles. but new transmission and clutch assembly less than 5,000 mile ago. newer (used) fuel injectors in it, a new radiator, new starter, alternator, water pump, rear stub axle, distributor. 1978 280z with apprx 160K unknown history other than engine sitting for 15 years. Thanks.