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  1. I have a 73 that needs a wiring harness, the starter solenoid went out and fried it. I have bought a solenoid and had a mechanic here locally that would install a new harness for around $400-$450 depending on if dash needs removed. Everything else is good.
  2. Z's were winning lots of races in various categories in their heyday, books were written, other race teams hated Z's...just saying
  3. This site is great, I ask all kinds of dumb stuff and senior folks here help me in the right direction. How much Z knowledge and how much experience in the automotive field do you have? That is what you should base your new site off of, not getting flamed for asking questions.
  4. I would imagine now a days that the hatches would be pre-assembled due to increases in production efficiency. My question is if anyone knows where this plant was? Love history! Oh and what year Z's?
  5. I found this surfing the web
  6. Makes sense, especially when most people ask who makes Datsun
  7. I'm just looking for a rough guesstimate on a price, nothing exact. Maybe if someone here had there car done before and could share their price.
  8. I plan on buying a ez wiring harness for my 73 240Z. I'm looking at the 21 circuit, how much could I expect to pay for an install. I'm running SUs in a L28 with pertonix ignition and 3 ohm coil. ZX alternator and starter upgrade as well, the rest of the wiring is unmolested. Nothing fancy, just a solid install
  9. OK if anyone has this problem that I did, where there was no brake pressure with the engine running while applying pressure to the brake pedal and weak pressure with the engine off. Look for small kinks in your hard brake lines and replace as needed, ensure your brake pedal height is adjusted very very very close to specs, 7.99 inches from the front of the brake pad to the floor pan that is perpidicular to the pedal, not the firewall. This was my two issues that I overlooked and I will be beating the crap out of myself later for that. Thanks for giving me advice HZ!
  10. I will move the calipers around when I bleed tomorrow. It has to be air in the system, everything is new or reman'd or rebuilt with new seals.
  11. Yes to everything except I'm going to go back and recheck to make sure I have all of the air out of the lines. I have a friend who is a mechanic and he said that sounds like my problem.
  12. Took my booster off and took out the push rod and my reaction disc is there and is held in place by grease as it should be. What is my next place to look...? I am going to replace some hard lines, but that is not an issue with my pedal going all the way to the floor. Could it be the check valve?
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