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  1. Ive also been thinking of a rocket buunny kit on an s30. anybody have some photoshop skills that can render one for us?
  2. Did u resolve the issue, I'm having the same problem on my 240z
  3. Which wing are you referring to on that page? It didn't look like any of those.
  4. So any new updates on your panel/ wiring?
  5. I remember my dad had a pair,my parents split and mom had a yard sale one day, damn had I known then I would've kept them, I was like 9, but I clearly remember someone took them euros for $40 bones. My mom didn't care for them, they were in a box.
  6. Lol. That's awesome. I want to run these wheels with flares on mine. They didn't look like 10â€s on the rear. I guess spacer it is.
  7. I had saved all the high res schematics. Ill upload them later today
  8. Sad day today. when I went it to see my 240z and its not there
  9. Not sure either of the material, I think it sober king of mix/ synthetic material
  10. Interesting thread. Especially that rust removal thing. Any new tricks up those sleeves?
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