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  1. So it looks like the next step then would be a tune on the car. Would that just be with the engine management system (mega squirt)? The only tuning I have done on it is on a dyno. My guess is that I need to do a tune while I am driving. Yes, no?
  2. So is it looking like a switch to a T5 may be in store?
  3. I have a turbonetics t3/t4 and my shift point is between 6500 and 7000. My boost really starts at about 3000rpm and when I shift from second to third it drops below 3000. I have a short throw shifter and I am confident and competent enough for quick shifts. Maybe I will try blipping the throttle on that shift. I feel blipping takes extra unneeded time to complete the shift though.
  4. This is something I had rest on zcarz.us "Nissan called the '77-80 trans a "wide ratio" while the '81-83 was called a "close ratio" 5-speed. The early one has the lowest 1st/2nd gears for acceleration, but a wide spread between 2nd and 3rd. The later one has a taller 1st/2nd but a tighter spread between 2nd and 3rd. It also has a much taller 5th for cruising. Your choice. The early 5-speed is a 4-speed with 5th and reverse sharing the same fork. He said it's common for people to "blow" 5th gear as the fork is weaker. He stated the later 5-speed is a genuine 5-speed which is stouter. I call the early one a 280a and the later a 280b to keep them straight." My understanding would be there is another 5spd with tighter 2nd/3rd gears. Or a 4spd would help. But if the 5spd is the same 1-4, then what would be a fix for getting rid of the wide gap between 2nd and 3rd that would keep me in my boost? I am not sure of my gearing, but if that is a step closer for me I am open to any and all ideas. I'll look into the 80-83 4spd too. Thanks
  5. I have a '78 280z with an L28t and a 5 spd transmission with what i believe is a "wide ratio" (very low an tight 1st/2nd gear and a very wide spread 2nd/3rd gear). The 2nd to 3rd gear gap is so huge it takes my turbo out of boost. I am wondering if I go to a 4spd if that will help clear up that issue or what else can I do to alleviate this issue. Thanks, Brian
  6. Wow! This looks a lot like my setup. Just got it re-tuned and came out to 292rwhp and 304rwtq Good job and keep going!
  7. Anyone every try this Harness bar or any like it? http://www.andysautosport.com/datsun/1975_1978_280z/interior/seats/harness_bars/nrg/nrgi00000299.html
  8. Do you happen to know if the Japan import has the same ratio's as the domestic version? Thank you.
  9. Nice options! Let me check into a couple things and will let either of you know if I will go forward with it. Thanks.
  10. I'm looking to replace my 5spd transmission out of my '78 280z (think it was a truck tray) with a 5 spd from a 81-83 ZX. I am doing some racing with it, so hopefully something that has been recently rebuilt. Please let me know of anything you guys have. Thanks!
  11. Just keep breathing

  12. Aziza, I am running 245/45/17 on all corners and all fenders have been rolled to prevent rubbing. Also it was nice meeting you at the MSA. CantZme, i drive it as much as i can, so it's not a weekend warrior. I'm sure our paths will cross at some time.
  13. The shop is Tony Sardo Upholstery. Not sure if this is the accurate address, 1315 S. Glendale Ave. Glendale, Ca. 91205 The phone number is 818-246-8309
  14. Yes, the gauges have white vinyl overlays. Also painted the tips of the gauge needles red that matches the car paint. The interior was done by a shop in Glendale, CA and is white and charcoal. It is very, very clean inside. The brakes are from Modern Motorsports and are the 13" extreme kit. They are cross-drilled and vented on all four corners. I must say they work really well. Hopefully i can get some time to post up the build up pics. There are alot of them.
  15. Hollywoodman


    From the album: 78 Z

  16. Hollywoodman


    From the album: 78 Z

  17. Sounds like alot of stuff i did to mine. Just expect to pay more than what you think.
  18. The wheels are Kodiak Racing custom made wheels. They are 17x9 all the way around. With Modern Motorsports extreme brake system, 14" cross-drilled rotors all the way around also. It stops on a dime!!
  19. My '78 is finally done. Well i has been done for awhile now, but finally getting back on here to show some photo's. I will be at MSA this year finally!! These photos are from JCCS.
  20. Not bad with the rearend already smoothed. That would cost alot to do if you were going to get it done. I did it on mine, and i like the clean look. You got a steal on that mod.
  21. It was my fathers birthday and we had a big day planned for him. so unfortunatly i could not make it out there. I was really bummed about it. I hope Art took some photos of the cars out there. I would really like to see what was there. Always next year.
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