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  1. You may very well be correct for all I know. I'm not the first owner so I don't know what if anything has been done. All I know is what I currently have and therefore need. It's probably something to look into one day, but maybe not since I don't entirely intend to keep it stock. regardless of what they traditionally came with and what may or may not be a subject of conversation, I need a 27 spline stub axle because someone at some point decided to play whack-a-mole with a sledgehammer.
  2. I'm not 100% sure what the early 260's normally came with but after counting mine about 37 times I'm fairly certain the one I need is a 27 spline.
  3. Yea the one I need is from the 260 and 280.
  4. As the title states, I'm looking for a 27 spline stub axle. I only need one. My car is an early 260z. Thank you in advance.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I can't seem to find a few (what should be) common parts for my L28et build. I'm either too late to the show when they're listed in the "for sale" section or the parts aren't functional. Aside from being in working condition, the overall condition does not matter. 1) Turbo oil pan. 2) Turbo exhaust manifold 3) Fuel rail (this one is debatable since I'm not completely sure what injectors I'm going to use.) A few other items I'd like to get my hands on that aren't really for the engine. 1) Front right fender (in reasonably good condition) 2) hood (in reasonably good condition) ~for these I'm also open to fiberglass and carbon fiber. I can't seem to find a good site~ My car is an early year 74 260z. I'm located in Clovis, NM 88101, and I would greatly appreciate photos. If it's easier to text, send me a PM and I'll send you my number. Thank you all again. Ben
  6. Electric power steering is amazing! I have in my new F-150 and I honestly never want to drive with hydraulic power steering again. Amazingly smooth and responsive and you get none of the steering shudder that you would with hydraulic. not to mention you have less strain on the engine, no power steering fluid to deal with and clears up your engine bay. I'm buying this without a doubt!
  7. Hey guys, I found this great looking classic Nismo steering wheel while I was browsing ebay. It's a little pricey for me, plus I figure there may be someone on here that has been looking for just this right touch. Here's the link: My link ***THIS IS NOT MY ITEM, I GAIN NOTHING FROM POSTING THIS*** Just thought I'd share what I came across. Ben
  8. Thanks, rags! Email sent.
  9. That would be great! I haven't had much luck looking for a used set that isn't already rebuilt. Thanks for the quick response and please keep me updated.
  10. I'm looking for a set of triple weber 40's with or with out the intake. I'd prefer them used but still in decent condition as I am looking to rebuild them myself. If you have a set or know anyone who's willing to part, please PM me. I'm willing to work with seller for price and shipping. Thanks
  11. Yes! I agree! Some CF door panels would be great! How about gauge pods for the pillar?
  12. Do you know what he was running? Is there a thread on here about him or a link that could be posted? Thank you! Even though it wasn't full of tech gibberish(which I do understand...somewhat) I appreciate an honest answer. You shared what you enjoy and gave a reason for it! Even if you couldn't tell much of a difference you still enjoy the triples. I know others have said what they have or would suggest but that's an honest experience. I still haven't entirely decided. I looked into that book and even though it clearly isn't meant for and L series, it also doesn't seem like it carries a lot of info. But thenagain, never judge a book by it's cover. I just bought a slew of books directly related to the Z car. How to Restore Your Datsun Z-Car , How to Rebuild Your Nissan/Datsun OHC Engine: Covers L-Series Engines 4-Cylinder 1968-1978, 6-Cylinder 1970-1984 and How to Modify Your Nissan/Datsun OHC Engine. They came highly recommended so I hope they'll be good. I'm not sure how I missed those up to this point, books are usually the first place I go. The scope has never changed, I just didn't word it as well as I could've. I'm still open to all options and doing research on the side, but this thread has given me a bit more insight into the personalities of these little cars. While not completely full of usefull information, triples seem to be a crowd favorite, properly tuned SU's are underestimated to the average joe and either route I go down, an aftermarket cam will be quite complimentary to the carbs(as if that wasn't already known). I'll definitly have to look into the blow through triples. Unless it's too much of a PITA... this is still just a goof around motor until I get an L-28 built.
  13. I've been leaning towards the the triple 40s as well, but I know a guy with a set of dual webbers that he's looking to get rid of. They'd need an obvious rebuild, but he's practically throwing them at me. What engine are do you have?
  14. I have never once negated the fact that competent tuning was going to be a step one guarantee. I also see that my "best bang for the buck" comment is still being taken out of context. I completely understand what you are saying, Tony. As much as it makes wince to say it, you are and have been correct throughout this post, although a few things written have raised my eyebrow, you still are correct. But even after all that is said and done, it is the personal experience that I am asking about. TB injection on a 4bbl intake, blow through turbo/holly or simply tuning the SU's that are on there. I'm asking about personal experiences from people who have done these modifications. OR in your case where the PO of your prior vehicle thought that throwing a pair of fuzzy dice on the mirror would knock a second off it's track time, but you realized that the engine was obviously lacking and decided to go back to it's stock form. Kudos to your brain! I am not and never have been looking for a magic bullet, just different possibilities if tuning alone doesn't make me happy with the engine's performance. Let me add another before you look too far into it. I realize that other upgrades, modifications and work will have to be done for an engine to properly perform if it is given a magic bullet make over. Thank you to those who have shared! @Leon~ What type of head work have you done and what kinds of gains have you seen using triples?
  15. Sorry about the double post. I'm not entirely sure what happened.
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