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  1. Was... Is... For now..
  2. How much fab work is it going to take for the transmission? Does it look like it will line up with the stock shifter hole?
  3. I actually have no idea to be honest. It was installed by the previous owner...
  4. She is not done yet, but getting there!
  5. He never PM'ed me back so I couldn't tell you...
  6. Looking for an S30 shell, not going to be too picky about it but would like it to be within a few hours of Rocklin, CA. Other than that no particulars other than smog exempt! Thanks!
  7. Not done yet but after being on jack-stands for months I am quite excited!
  8. Hey comicartist... let me know how that cut and rethread goes because i need to do it too haha Best part is I can rest my arm on it and it takes nothing to shift. I can literally pull it back with a minimal amount of force and it will go from 3rd to 4th, etc.
  9. I did, but I am arguing in favor of a subforum rather than exiling the form people altogether.
  10. I would agree that this forum might be the more "functional" oriented folks, but I see no reason why we, as a forum, can't at least make a sub-forum (as was said). Some of us, like myself, do fabricate our own pieces, LCA's for example, to do the "stance thing" properly and not ruin the car. With that said, some of the builds and fabrication might actually pertain to someone else's function build. NO, I am not saying that everyone has or will do it properly, but I AM saying that not all of us that enjoy that look will do anything and everything to attain it. My Vote: I would like to see a subforum for the "form" oriented people because it would be enforced by the same rules and guidelines as the rest of the forum. The needless threads will be thrown out, but the threads with actual intelligence should be allowed. They might actually help someone else. I am personally going for both with my own build, but it would be nice to not have my build thread locked because I am working on the visuals before the power.
  11. I would imagine maybe a safety inspection to make sure the car is sound might be in order but other than that i see no reason why you couldn't register it...
  12. It all depends how much you are willing to spend then. The kouki tails are not cheap.
  13. why... just why.... if you have your heart set on it though.... what he said^^^
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