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  1. Great Idea... I hate the flange bolts... I am going to do this as well sometime this year.
  2. CrayZ, I finally got under the car... Like I said previously to center the wheel just put an equal number of washers on each side. I want to add that I put a thin washer on the front side of the wheel carrier to take up all of the space between the heim joints since I did not want to stress them by bending them in slightly when the nuts on the shaft are tightened up.
  3. CrayZ, on 03 May 2013 - 06:38 AM, said: I will take some pictures this weekend for you... You need to put half of the spacers in front of the hub carrier and the outer half behind the hub carrier (if you want it in the stock location). if you want to shift the wheel forward or to the rear then put more shims on the opposite side of the hub, like 2 in the front and 6 in the rear and the wheel will move to the front of the car. In any case use all of the washer shims (think there are 8 per wheel, I will count them when I take the pictures) must be used.
  4. Dwigley, Thank you for your kind words. I am removing the transmission and Jeg's has agreed to send me a new one. In October I hope to go 185mph in the mile. If you go to the Mile stop by and chat for a while.
  5. Never made it into 5th gear... Trans has a bad syncro??? Getting a new one from Jegs... I was taking it easy and made 143.8 (on rev limiter in 4th) well before the 1/2 mile 150 is very possible at the half mile. It would have done 185 in the mile and I will do it this October.
  6. harlest, I took a second 280Z crossmember and welded it to the back of the original one and to the frame (after cutting off the steering rack mounting bosses the engine mounts and cutting clearance holes for the lower control arm bolt). Then I sectioned the center to fit the width of the oil pan + an 1/2" clearance on both sides. I then put the engine in place and mocked up the engine mounts out of thin cardboard which I used as a pattern to fabricate motor mounts out of .125" steel sheet. Removed engine welded in new mounts. I will be taking out the T56 for replacement this Friday and I will
  7. Zero, Nice find on youtube... Saved me the trouble... The guys that shot the video were great guys, They wanted to interview me at the staging grid but I declined because I really don't like to talk to a camera... little shy I guess.
  8. rags, the best I could do was 143.8 at the half mile since I am on the rev limiter in 4th... I could not shift into 5th (I tried 3 times before giving up). I could have gotten 150 in the half if I had 5th gear... and maybe 185 in the mile. I am already getting a new trans from Jegs (I called Jegs, Hurst Driveline Conversions and Tremec), pulling my trans this Friday. I had no clue this was going to happen... The car shifts great at normal speeds in all 6 gears (car has 1340 miles on it) only 5th gear gave me a problem at the Texas Mile... 6th went in fine. I will be back in October to get my 1
  9. LLave, I wanted the T56 Magnum since it is built for 700ft/lb torque.
  10. I purchased my aluminum drive shaft assembly from Shaftmasters (313.383.6347) for $378. It came with the correct yokes on both ends. Just tell them what transmission and differential you have and what the measurement is from the transmission output seal to the differential flange is and they will build you a complete custom drive shaft for your car.
  11. sq_creations, BluDestiny, Alainburon and PLATA thanks... Alain, I enjoyed our visit, I can talk about cars and builds all day long, I hope that your wife didn't get too bored. If you ever want a second opinion about something related to your build just give me a call. See you at the Texas Mile in a couple of weeks.
  12. If it isn't raining I will be there next month.
  13. StrifeWolfe, cheespocket, texis30O, _Donovan_ and Mikelly thanks for the nice complements... Building my Z was a labor of love. People who are mot into cars just don't get it... But we do.
  14. here are a few runs down the 1/4 mi that my friend recorded... Just remember that I have only had the car running for 3 weeks when this was filmed.
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