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  1. PMed you for a couple items. Thanks
  2. I know this topic is a little old but I'm having the same issues with finding a site that has the BZ3099 models (I've tried 6). I don't have the budget to go with the Konis just yet. Any recommendations or does anyone have 2 sitting around they don't need?
  3. Juarez88: I thought about RC but it looks like they just offer a cleaning/balancing service for the injectors is that correct? I'm thinking mine need a rebuild with new hoses and o-rings. Motorman was doing a rebuild with new parts for the same price per injector. At that point, I might as well get them all done instead of figuring out which injectors were having problems. Zentech: Thanks for the offer, but the price is a little too steep for this budget build. If I send mine in, I'm getting them rebuilt for $160 a set of six shipped.
  4. Hi all I've contacted the "Motor Man" that I've seen brought up in the forums to see what kind of a quote he can give me for 6 injectors to be rebuilt. But I figured I'd see if anyone has any rebuilt or new condition injectors for the L28et laying around. These are the brown topped injectors. If you have something that flows and has the same impedence as the stockers without any modifications (I have the palnet rail with barbs, so no o-ring type), I'd be willing to check into those. Let me know Thanks
  5. If you're willing to split the package, I'd be interested in the ECU. Completely understand if you want to get rid of it together. Up in Goleta and can drive down. Thanks
  6. I'm looking for an 83 manual turbo ECU. I'm not sure if my current ECU is on its way out or not. I'm in Santa Barbara, CA if anyone is close. Thanks
  7. grey280

    Manifolds on

    gorgeous! you have a thread going about this manifold?
  8. E-mailed ya for the rail and regulator
  9. Definitely check out Ebay for turbo rebuild kits. You can find really good kits for about 70-100 bucks. This was the route I was going to take, but after watching a couple videos of the actual rebuild process and how well the shops clean them up, I might save my headaches for another project and just have the turbo rebuilt by a shop. Do your research on the rebuild. I'm really emphatic about doing all my own work, but a turbo is a little too expensive and delicate for me to tinker with. Plus these shops do it all the time! I figure there's no better way to help the economy than giving my tax refund to someone else for their work!
  10. I'm definitely looking at calling gpopshop this week after seeing these comments. But Ineptitude01 did I understand correctly that you sent them two blown t3's and they returned a t3/t4 for ya? That sounds like a killer deal for 550 shipped. I have a TB03 from an older volvo in damn good condition, but would rather have it rebuilt just to be sure of what's in it. If I'm already spending the 350 to do a basic rebuild, I'm wondering the cost of upgrading that little sucker since it's already shipped. Any thoughts on me bumping up to a t3/t4 before I talk to these guys? I've done the research on how the hybrid plays in performance, but with my power goals in mind, it might be worth the extra cash.
  11. Ya I'd love to see some pics, but I'm definitely interested
  12. you own the blue one? and did you drive it all the way down from fresno?
  13. just thought I would throw up some pics I took as well. It fit the heading. Thanks again to everyone who went out this year and gave me plenty to look at. If anyone has a problem with their car on here, ill take it off no problem. hopefully i'll be in this show next year
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