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  1. Fellow Hybridz members: I can guarantee with 100% certainty that I am not wrongly accusing this man. I wouldn't call someone out without being sure. Anyhow, I've done what is right for the community, by warning everyone about this joyrider. I'm done. Tony, it all comes back around. Have a karmically appropriate life.
  2. Right. And the fact that you talked all about rolling fenders when you were here must be a coincidence. Also telling me that you had a car wanted post on hybridz... and thats why I have your phone number in my phone a 19 minute call on October 6th, just like its in this post here : http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/70092-fender-roller-for-rental-program-actually-a-loaner/page__st__20__p__896802#entry896802 Making yourself more of a Liar. Nice move. The denial bit simply affirms my suspicion that you have no intention of buying a V8Z. Again, fellow hybridz guys, D
  3. Hey Guys, I feel the need to warn you guys against letting Tony test drive your cars, unless you appreciate people doing burnouts, numerous WOT pulls, and otherwise abusing your vehicle in every possible way. I'm relatively certain that he has no intention of buying a v8z, as he lied about going to see another vehicle in Oceanside after abusing my vehicle. Just a heads up because I wish I had been warned, avoid this guy like the plague. Joe
  4. Joe, If that was you calling please call again. I was on the other line at work. If I don't answer leave a message and number and I will call you back in minutes. I look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Windy roads are fun. Gusty roads are dangerous!
  6. Get a Lawyer. Immediately. I would recommend mine, but I haven't won my case yet.
  7. He's probably selling my stolen CBR954.. lol (Kidding btw) But more seriously, no pictures? Also, a well set up running Ls1 Z under $7500 is a steal. a cbr954 with 13k (Mine was ready for a lot of rebuilding at 13k) is worth.... 3k. If it has a top end rebuild, rebuilt shocks, and new brakes, and new tires, maybe 4500. Other than that, I loved my cbr954. It was a wonderful bike, until it was stolen. Joe
  8. Mag58 mentioned the SBC brake system on the newer benzes... Yeah you dont really need the computer to do the brakes. Unplug the SBC control module, and then change the pads, but do not crack the brake lines. At the dealership, (the one i worked for at least, not a great place), there were not enough computers to go around... so to wait for one to become available meant not being able to pay the tool guys that week. Some say it's dangerous. But when you have to work under certain conditions imposed upon you by your employer... I just always made sure the module was unplugged, and
  9. Ive made at least one sizeable purchase. No complaints. (Though he doesn't agree with my brake setup! They work brilliantly. lol) Good to do business with him, would not hesitate to buy more stuff from him. Joe
  10. Perfect pilots can drink? wow... Trippy.
  11. Ahhh.. Glenfiddich 18 is a wonderful scotch. What is funny is that the 15 year is horrible, and the 12 year is actually pretty decent. Johnny walker Blue label is definitely up there in my book. Its smooth, not very complex, but nice. Glen Morangie 18 is great, it is sweet enough to be had neat. I usually like a little water or an ice cube. (Its gotta be good ice though) The Dalmore 21 is also among my favorites. And Glenfiddich 30, sometimes available for as low as $270/750ml at bev mo. (wish it was actually in stock once in a while!) I cant remember the Vintag
  12. a more recent picture. In oceanside CA.
  13. At Wyotech we used precision tig 225 machines. Great welder, and it can take a lot of abuse, as i never saw one go down, with hundreds of students using and abusing them all day. Im planning on picking one up when i find the funds, and the space... Joe
  14. If you chew the pills they work faster (bad recommendation, do not try) And if you take a sip of water after chewing a pill, it tastes very sweet, like powdered sugar. Pharmaceutical companies... silly opium pushers. I do recommend switching away from the painkillers well before the pain subsides. A side effect of opiate withdrawal is increased pain. So they can easily perpetuate themselves. and your discomfort. Joe
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