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  1. rheckz

    single 2 1/2 pipe

    Looking for feedback on interior sound with this set up. The Duels I have now end up with deep drone at certain RPM.
  2. Does anyone know of a thread that shows pictures of exhaust layouts from members I have had duels for 10 years and have decided to go to single to reduce noise. Looking for ideas
  3. I did this conversion 20 years ago old school,simplistic, 350,2004R Fun as hell on the back roads Still runs great never let me down!
  4. Bumper received in good quality well packaged in double box Chrome looks very good , Manufacured recently Fits very well on 1978 280z Box is marked long motor, maybe someone knows if that is the same product that others are selling I made my own brackets from 2 inch plate steel that i bought at the hardware store for 7 dollars two 4.5 inch L brackets and two 9 inch straight brackets
  5. After you add shipping there all a little over $400 futofab is 360 plus freight black dragon 350 plus freight MSA has not offred one for a while
  6. MSA has recently listed 240 z chrome bumpers with no rubber( euro style) for $399 and there sale gives free shipping I have ordered and will be installing on 1978 280z I will let you know how they fit.
  7. I know there is a company Wolf Creek racing that makes axles for racing 510s and z cars Do not know if they would be stronger
  8. I installed the Eibachs with kybs, there is a thread we discused the problems just search Eibach Springs Its been fine for me but under hard use if you bottom the strut out it breaks.
  9. Looking for Feedback on MSA cabon fiber bumpers. Fit and Finsh Anyone have installed pictures ??
  10. I have driven the car for a hundred miles and she sits about 1 inch lower then before. I have owned this car for 30 years and it always seemed raised a bit even after installing a V-8 The big difference though is the how stiff the new springs are The old springs had way to much give and would allow the body to move a bit on hard acceleration and cornering I am satisfied with the result as I do not want to go much lower or i will not be able to go over the speed bumps in my neighborhood It just clears with this setup
  11. When i switched from the turbo350 to the 2004r the driveshaft was a direct swap just had to relocate the rear trans mount. The 2004r works great in the z as to ratios and not consuming alot of HP to run The cooling lines are a little tight on pasenger side tunnel.
  12. After thinking about this and looking at the strut i am a little confused on how the inner shock piston could ever reach the bottom of the the shock tube. With the spring fully compressed it looks as though the shock piston would be held inches higher than the bottom of the tube. I can understand with coilovers when you lower the spring perch. Is there anyone who has had this problem using the stock spring perch and the eibach springs ??
  13. I do not drive the car that hard. I will wait and see how long it takes for them to fail.
  14. I have driven the car and do not seam to have any issues. I purchaced from MSA and was not told that the KYB would not work. They seam fine ,what sort of issues do they say the KYB would have with lowering springs, The eibachs lowered less than an inch so maybe they are reffering to coilovers where there is more of a drop in height.
  15. OK Its done Springs Installed with kyb struts, Car is 1978 280z with sbc with jtr mounts which I installed 15 years ago. The suspension in the car was original springs with 15 year old gas struts with 15 inch zx rims and 205 60 tires Stock sway bar in front no sway bar in back After Installation of the Eibach springs the car sits 3/4 inch lower front and back (eibach says 1 to 1 1/4 ) Ride quality is much better, stiff but you still have movement. For $189 for springs and $200 for shocks total its a deal. Rear installation only required half shafts,e brake cable and brake line never touched the a arms
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