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  1. I have a set of z31t axles with Driveshaft Shop shorter axle bars. Will hold alot of power. $650 shipped. Also have 39 spline companion flanges for $300 will make package deal if someone wants both.
  2. In need of a z31 4 bolt cv axle assembly thanks
  3. Been a while since I've donated. And can't seem how to figure out how to do it can someone help me out?
  4. Looking for some ideas on stock replacement fuel cell that retains the factory mounting and fill. Who's got one made and where did you get it from? Thanks David.
  5. Have you had it on the dyno previously with the old setup? And it's a stock block correct?
  6. Looking to see how people did their radiator core supports with tube looking for some ideas pictures please!
  7. Well i've decided to turbo my car this winter. Plan on a single 76mm borg warner turbo. Can anyone suggest an intercooler hp range around 700-800. Any turbo sbc z cars in here post pictures of your setups!
  8. Looking for a r-200 long nose with a 3.90 ratio let me know what you have located in Chicago, IL would prefer to be withing driving distance
  9. Cap and rotor are both new and no burn marks on old one. The only thing g a little bit rusty is the pickup. The car is n/a.
  10. Sorry forgot to mention has new cap new rotor new plugs and all plug wires test good on ohm readings.
  11. Ok so I have a 1976 Datsun with a SBC in it. The ignition setup is a MSD Digital 6 Plus, MSD Blaster SS coil and MSD pro billet distributor. My issue is that I am getting spark to the cap but nothing is coming out, if i manually trigger the coil via jumping out the trigger wire while the rotor is pointing to cylinder one post the plug will fire but when I crank with everything connected I get nothing at any cylinders. I called msd and they told me the spark is grounding out inside the cap but i find that hard to believe. Have tried a new coil with no luck. When I put a plug directly to the coil wire it fires rapidly like it should so spark is going in but not coming out. Any ideas? or has this happen to anyone else? Thanks David
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