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  1. That looks like its its going to be an awesome build, I don't know how much you've looked into the N/A aftermarket for the F20C, but you could check out a guy named John Grudynski over at Hytech Performance or InlinePro around my neck of the woods. Hytech claimed a solid, bolt-on setup making 283whp on an F22C with 50mm Jenvey ITB's, Cams, retainers, springs, header, race cat, and dual 2.5in exhaust. The kits alittle on the expensive side but supposedly as impressive as the peak power is, the torque and powerband is supposed to be amazing. They had an article in Honda Tuning Aug issue. As
  2. Did you ever get the information you were looking for Jared? Not sure how much of a gain I would expect from the DD heads versus the DE heads but it would be nice to hear where the DE's sit.
  3. Not sure how much it costs but I think thats the name for the latest version, they've been tweaking the thing for about 4 years now. How much are you guys expecting to spend on a custom crankshaft?
  4. So has anyone mentioned the Hayabusa V8s being built in the UK yet? the latest version runs to somewhere up to 10500RPMs with 455hp at only 2.8L! It's about the size of your average I4 and only weighs 200lbs, leaving you plenty of room in the engine bay and a beautiful power to weight ratio.
  5. More power, cleaner emissions, and increased fuel economy. Actually direct injection does both, the only reason you are hearing more about its fuel efficiency then its top-end power production is because fuel efficiency is a far more popular topic right now. While yes it does provide better fuel efficiency, it does also provide a noticeable top end power production advantage. Besides, it stands to reason that an engine built to take advantage of much leaner fuel mixtures should also have more provisions built into the head to in the form of better flow. Ferrari is equipping its F
  6. Nice, thanks Jared, do you have any idea about what sizes exactly and how long? although I would like to stike with the Titanium valves the VK45 comes with stock I know I'll have to step up to larger valves to make room for the massive airflow I'm trying to pull off. But if the VK56 runs similar size I might be able to at least use them as a good base to start with. Although I'm trying to stick with an ultra efficient NA setup. I would love to see some more experimenting with FI on the VK45. I know Top Secret built a VK45DETT and dropped it into a G35, as well as a guy with some pretty de
  7. Oh, and just in case anyone was wondering I'll probably be using a Z32 tranny with adapter plate unless I start running into issues with fitment or clearances. And I'll most likely have to use at least 550cc injectors although I've gotta crunch the numbers and talk to a direct injection tuner and see how much the shortened spray cycle and the E85 requirements are going to push that number up.
  8. Alright, I've got a decent amount of info on what I need to accomplish my goals but I still need a good deal more on the stock specs of the engine which is one of the reasons I posted here to begin with. I can appreciate the obvious fact that not many if any tuners stateside have direct experience with the direct injection version of this engine but I would love to get any feedback about the rest of the block like how well the stock Titanium valves hold up under high revs and/or boost, how large the combustion chamber is and how conducive it is to combustion at high revs. Just trying to get
  9. Still having issues with tracking the info on the stock engine down since there aren't any tuners that I know that have worked with the DD version of this engine yet. I've still gotta get some help figuring out required pressure, flow rate, etc. for not only dealing with direct injection considering they only typically get a fraction of the time to discharge the fuel compared to conventional injection, but E85 requires more fuel for the same bang due to lower potential power production.
  10. Thanks for the info Tony. Hey Jared, what is the deck height of the VK56 compared to the VK45? Got more to say but gotta go.
  11. I've searched and haven't been able to pull any numbers out, but considering I'm going for double the horsepower and E85 I'm thinking I'm going to have to find a considerably larger set that will fit the block and be able to spray a sufficient amount in the smaller window left for direct injection.
  12. And clifton, thats where the head re-working, aggressive cams, upgraded valvetrain, and high lift valves are for. The rest of the engine already supports high revving for a v8. PS Love the silver Z, It looks great.
  13. Thanks for the vote Jerminator, I may be just alittle obsessed, as you may have noticed. I study engine theory whenever I can, when I'm not around engines I'm thinking up new combos, viable chassis' for monstrous twin turbo v8's, lightweight 2.6L low-boost I4's dropped into Lotus Elise', As far as poly-quading goes, I'm not 100% on how that would help with an engine equipped with Direct Injection. And that brings me to the head flow issues, I'm sure they had to augment the intake and exhaust ports in some way to make room for the injectors, I can track down a set of VK45DE heads for about
  14. While I by no means would call myself an expert, I have spent a decent amount of time around engines and have been looking for a V8 that revs like a Honda for awhile, first looking at BMW's M62 engine but having issues with some of the metals used and the unnecessary price tag involved just for the honor of working with a BMW engine. As for the head flow, obviously at least 290cfm would be required to pull this off, but I have yet to find solid numbers on the stock heads. Before I could go ahead I'm probably going to have to track down a set of heads and get them on a flow bench. As far
  15. Hey, thanks for the feedback, I've got a big complicated reply sitting on my comp at the house but I had to go to work before I could finish it. But appreciate the $.02.
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