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  1. Interested in the engine wiring harness, please send pic to milesj64@hotmail.com
  2. I'm using the Toyota 4x4 rear brake on the front of my 73 240z.  I understand you are using them for the rear.  If you can call me at 661-910-5467 that would be great.


    Thanks in advance

  3. If you can call me at 661-910-5467 that would be great.


    Thanks in advance

  4. I am interested in your NV3500 5 speed. I am planning on going manual and was thinking about the t56 but for the cost, the s10 tranny is looking pretty good. Do you have any more info on what parts as needed (I have the 5.3) or did you do a right up?
  5. Guys, I know it's on here somewhere but I have not found it. I need a parts list for swapping out the 4l60e to a t56 in my 73 240z with 5.3 engine. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance
  6. I have a 240z and trying to install the Pivot Illumi Starter. I know the red wire goes to the red/ white wire (12v power); the black wire is ground; one blue wire I hooked to the black/yellow wire and the other blue wire I have hooked to the black/blue wire. When I turn the key to the on position, the switch does does illuminate. It illuminates when I press it but it will not start the car. What did I do wrong?
  7. Thanks to everyone for all of this good advice. I am going to try the push start switch of Ebay and by pass the old wiring. Update!! I purchased a cheap push button switch off Ebay and now it starts fine. I had to run a wire from the starter to the push button switch.
  8. That is true, I need to learn how to troubleshoot. First, no clicking sound; I check the battery and it's fine; the car cranked an ran 2 weeks ago; lastly, I am not sure how to check the voltage at the starter.
  9. I have a 73 240z with 5.3 and the car wont start. When I turn the ignition on, I can hear the fuel pump turn on but wont start. No click, click, click when trying to turn it on. I check the fuses and wires and all looks fine to me. I also checked the fuse in the fuse box and all is well. Any suggestions??/ Thanks in advance
  10. Ok, I could really benefit from a conversation with you. Please give me a call at 661 910-5467. I am having trouble mounting the fan shroud.
  11. What lower radiator hose did you use or did you get the radiator with the straight lower pipe.
  12. I am thinking about buying one for my 1973 240z ls1. I like the price (129.00 new on Ebay) but want another opinion before I purchase. Thanks
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