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  1. My 240z has 215 60 15 all around, brand new rack and pinion, refreshed front and rear suspension poly bushings, tie end rods, bearings, ball joints and Eibach lowering springs. The car steering wheel shakes and I can't figure out why, Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what did you do to fix it?
  2. I just swap a Viper 03 t56 replacing the 4l603 in my 5.3 2002. That's all I changed everything else is still the same from the old tune. Do you think I need to retune it?
  3. I removed the 4l60e transmission for a Viper t56. I notices that the t56 is slightly more to the passenger side of the car and I can't figure out why. Anyone else have or had this problem?
  4. Hi, i just purchased the JTR t56 crossmember and it seems it will take some modifying to get it to work. Can someone share their experience in the install and pictures? What's a good cost effective alternative to JTR? And, any other advice you can give me.
  5. Also this: https://www.thirdgen.org/forums/transmissions-drivetrain/445882-viper-t56-vss-help.html#&gid=1&pid=2
  6. Check this out: https://www.thirdgen.org/forums/transmissions-drivetrain/373666-viper-t56-vss-wires.html
  7. Do you have any pictures you can share? What clutch set up did you use? Thanks for the information.
  8. One more question, if I stay with the Viper mid-plate, what slave cylinder do I need to get? Can I used any Dodge slave cylinder is only from a Viper?
  9. What year bellhousing and input shaft? Did you use corvet or camaro input shaft and bellhousing?
  10. I have a friend that just wrecked his Viper and asked me if I was still interested in a t56. I can get it at a good price but wondering what it will take to get it to work in my 73 240z with a 5.3 LS motor. Right now it's an automatic transmission. I was hoping one of you guys had some experience you can share. Thanks on advance,
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