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  1. That FSAE car is absolutely impressive. I wonder what kind of power it would make if it wasn't limited by FSAE rules, I believe the intake diameter is cut down to 20mm.
  2. I thought you of all people would notice that the Ferrari 208 was already mentioned. Alfa Romeo had a Coventry-Climax 2.0L V8 in their 67-69 "33 Stradale," a street car based on the Tipo 33 racecars. Their were only 18 produced but it made around 250hp and would spin up to 10,000 rpm, it also had a 6 speed transaxle. Probably doesn't help if you're still looking for a motor, but if you do run across one you need to mortgage your house and buy it.
  3. Been there and done that. There is a world of difference between a project stuck in the garage and one you can take out and drive.
  4. The block casting number should give you an idea of the internals, or course, if it was rebuilt with new internals then pull the oil pan and get the numbers off your crank, rods, and pistons. The biggest thing is the heads though, if you have mid-80s factory TPI heads you are going to be severely limited in power. If it actually has just a few miles on it you shouldn't need to replace the bearings, but that's really up to you. Bearings are cheap, unlike machining the block/rotating assembly after something lets go.
  5. That's pretty simple math, just make sure you account for Bernoulli's principle on compressible flows. You can't flow more than 146 cfm per sq.in. Have you studied anything about high RPM exhaust tuning, i.e. "5th cycle" tuning?
  6. The LT5 does not share heads with the GenI/II SBC. However, it does share bore spacing, which is what matters as far as the crank is concerned. More info: http://www.zr1netregistry.com/ZR1_specs.htm
  7. Yeah Gollum was just asking about high RPM pushrod motors, and cup cars are probably one of the best examples of that technology. The motors are relatively cheap and simple, they spin high, and they hold together. All this despite the fact that they have relatively long strokes and heavy rotating assemblies, dual plane cranks, and make a lot of power. Add a flat plane crank and drop it in a 240 and you might have one of the baddest rides on this forum. After looking over one of the newer R07 motors in detail I would really like a chance to fiddle around with one. I'm also getting closer to my "dream job" so maybe building a 180 degree crank for an SBC isn't terribly far away. I did recently notice that John Kasse may be turning out some nice canted valve SBF heads with some very impressive flow numbers. If he did then I wouldn't mind seeing a flat plane crank in a 302 with those on top....
  8. Gollum if you want to know what the real deal is with high RPM domestic cranks, just buy one. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/NASCAR-BRYANT-BILLET-RACING-CRANK-SBF-3-255-STROKE_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ107063QQihZ023QQitemZ360087116540QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW You won't find a much better example of a big displacement, high horsepower V8 that can last at 9000+ RPM.
  9. Excellent thread John, looks like a well documented build. I love that you can build a decent motor most from parts just laying around, someday maybe I'll be that lucky. I started a 302 build once, but then came across a good deal on a 3.25" crank so I decided that it would be nice to have the extra cubes at the expense of a little RPM. Then I got a good deal on a 400 block so I decided that a 358 would get me my RPM back with more cubes and more power. Then I found a good deal on a 4" crank and 4.155" bore JE pistons with carrillo rods and decided that while I'm at it I ought to build a big nasty 434. Then I couldn't find a decent deal on the heads I wanted so I got bored with the project and sold it. So more power to ya when you finish this one.
  10. Yes, it's by no means a new idea. The first turbo is smaller and builds boost very quickly, then it's "downpipe" feeds directly into the larger turbo along with the rest of the exhaust. The idea is to keep intake air pressure as high as possible with no turbo lag, with a small sacrifice of the larger compressor's efficiency. Edit: I'm sure you also noticed the 13-14 quart oil sump.
  11. 1200cc injectors delivering 2.27 gallons of gas per minute to be turned into 1500 hp. There are just so many things I like about that.
  12. Oh it will be documented all right. I can't be 100% sure that my next motor is destined for a Z car, but whatever it goes in will be a lot of fun. Looky what I found, Joe Gibbs leftovers: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/NASCAR-R07-ALUMINUM-CNC-PORTED-CYLINDER-HEADS-SB2-2-SB2_W0QQitemZ130244588679QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item130244588679&_trkparms=39%3A1%7C65%3A1&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245.l1318
  13. That's my backup plan. I want to do a 434 with SB2.2 heads. I can get the whole top end for under $2000 (used of course) and the rotating assembly can all be "shelf" parts, more or less. I might need to either do custom sb2 pistons or custom rods as I'm not sure that a 434 is a terribly common rendition of that motor. Still should end up fairly cheap, then there is just the problem of preparing the rest of the car to handle 1000 N/A horsepower.
  14. Yes I did mean a complete engine. Next time I'm in Charlotte I'm going to try to get over to my friend at RCR and stare at some cylinder heads for a while. I doubt they'd let me take any pictures but if they do you guys will be the first to see them. I would assume that the main journal spacing is 4.5" also, but GM is currently selling a block with 4.4" main spacing that can be machined to 4.5" bore spacing. They can accommodate the "ROX" canted valve heads which I believe are $1300 (each), not astronomical by any means. There is even a guy on racingjunk selling a one of these blocks (new in the crate) for $3400. They are definitely not be quite the "R07s" level of sophistication, but I have a feeling that these motors will be part of the promised redesign of the canted valve heads that the drag racing world has been begging for. You're right though, these are by no means budget motors and the chances of me picking one up for anything less than my right arm are pretty slim. Heck I'm still in college after all! But, if by some miracle I can get some awesome deal on anything close to a running motor, I've got a 240z that's looking a little empty under the hood.
  15. I thought that I had heard it still uses 4.4" mains spacing with the 4.5" bore spacing, I'll have to check on that. I would also be really surprised if they stuck with the 4.185 bores, unless there is a limit in the rule book somewhere. If they can make the old motors last with .25" cylinder wall thickness than they can make these last and take advantage of bore spacing increase. Of course I guess that depends on how the new coolant passages are designed. Edit: Nope, looks like they're stuck at 4.185 due to coolant passages. I guess the after market will have to be the ones to give us the 4.25" bore small block.
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