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  1. Just saw one currently on eBay and here's the link. Hurry up! This can be snatched up very quickly. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Parts-Accessories_Car-Truck-Parts-Accessories__DATSUN-240Z-WING-SPOILER-IMSA-KAMM-EFFECT-3-PIECE_W0QQitemZ130243027015QQddnZPartsQ20Q26Q20AccessoriesQQadnZCarQ20Q26Q20TruckQ20PartsQ20Q26Q20AccessoriesQQddiZ2811QQadiZ2865QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item130243027015&_trkparms=39%3A1|65%3A10&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245.l1318
  2. Very nice indeed! A Porsche "turbo" emblem, JDM side mirrors, custom exhaust, molded front and rear end. The true meaning of a HybridZ! ...ooops did I forgot the "phenomenal" engine?? !!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
  3. Wow. I am a pilot and have never realized that carburator icing was a big issue on cars too. We have a lever inside the cockpit that re-directs exhaust to the carbs when flying and we detect carb icing! Silly me, I guess I should not forget that they sold Z's in Maine, Minnesotta, Michigan, etc! Thanx for the update. I guess I thought that the whole balance tube was removed but really, they just button up some vacuum stuff. Thanx for clearing this up in my head.
  4. brokebolt, you are correct again!! I see the passage pipe and it runs from the front to the end manifold halves and exits at the rear. Ok... more questions. Why do people remove the coolant fittings? What does the cooling passage do beside the obvious answer I think of that it cools the charge? I don't get the engineering behind this since it looks like the whole coolant path just slings past through the passages. Next question is that I read people block off the balance tube holes and not use a balance tube at all!! What is the thinking behind blocking them off. I know that
  5. The round tops had no balance tube included when I picked them up. I'll have to find a 72 balance tube cuz I don't want to *cough* be smog burdened ! Also, you mentioned the water jackets and the round tops has a coolant line in the front carb, do I need to hook it up? I also don't see an outlet for the coolant line. Where does the water exit to if I hook up this water inlet line? The fuel rail I got looks really really good so I'll hook them up. Will do! I like the heat shield that I've already cleaned and made shiny! God bless, my f
  6. Yes I did as a matter of fact. I picked up the SUs on Saturday down Fremont Street. Why? Did you sell me these ???
  7. Brokebolt, thanks for the reply. This is exactly what I needed for advice! I also have a lot of searches going on @ classiczcars.com and have a loadful of info from it too.
  8. Hello everyone... First and foremost, I have searched but found only a trickle of information on this so I am imploring for you SU gurus for help. I have just purchased a 1973 240z (for 970.00 and almost rustfree) and it has the flat tops. Now I now these flat tops are basically boat anchors and so I went ahead and shopped for round tops and, lo and behold, good ole' local craigslist found me one for $25 bux!!! I have a fairly good knowledge of the SU internals, how they work etc... and am doing pretty well dismantling and cleaning them up. I am confident that I will hav
  9. Derek... Thanx for taking the time and granting my request by putting pictures of the A/C install in the engine bay. I'm sure a lot more than just me will benefit from all your hard work! You are a good man, sir!
  10. Hey Spider... Do a search on R180 to R200 swap. Do it in the upper forums. This is really not the place for this question but I do understand you posting here because of your desire to put an RB into your Z. The R200 is built like a tank and have been used over and over with the high torque V8 swaps. If you're lucky, you might even find an LSD model that most of us want! So... of you go (Simon Cowell on American Idol) and let's get back to this wonderfully written journal of installing an RB thread!!!! PS... (a little humor) Hey "getoffmyinternet", my avatar looks li
  11. Well said, my friend. I was going to chime in but I waited until someone pointed out that porting is not as simple as it sounds. There is a lot of checks and balance that need to be put in place before our "engine" which is basically a big "air pump" (moving air in and out) becomes efficient to the max. I've been reading A LOT ABOUT HEAD PORTING and have been learning a lot about it. Things like "How the AIR wants to flow", the short side radius, where the air wants to "window", the length, angle and area of the port runners, port "biasing", valve shrouding, etc, to say the least.
  12. If you noticed on the video, the guy laid down those orange half-balls . I think they are called valve stoppers and the sell them also for 3.50 in the purchase page. You're absolutely right about the valve going down to the cylinder when doing this in-car!!!
  13. Hey y'all... Thought I'd share this to all of you. "A valve tool that will replace the valve springs and valve stem seals with the head on the engine or off". http://toyotool.com/ Check put the video at their site. Very interesting and quick tool. I wonder if it will work for the Z's
  14. Cool. Looks like you've got the pulley problems solved. Honestly, I would love to see you successfully use a salvaged charger. It would be very invaluable to have this custom mounted by someone like you and documented for everyone else's benefit. There are tons of charger sources out there from MBZ to Toyota to Subarus, etc.... Please keep us posted! ...and you're right, maybe this should be on the turbo threads!!!
  15. SHO-Z. Forgot to give you kudos on your project! I was wondering when someone will find the treasures lurking in discarded superchargers! This is a very common thing to do in other countries like Australia to salvage chargers for cheaply acquired forced induction! How/what are you going to adapt as to the pulley (which will give you your up/down psi). My other car is a MBZ c230 Kompressor but my wife will prob kill me if I take it out !!!
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